Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fun at the House

We got out our ghetto $1 pool and put it on the back porch.  The boys (and well Lucy too) love it.  

Stormy is finally home with us!!  She's been living at Grams and Pops house since we moved to Weatherford.  She's doing great and loving her new house so far :)
My cookie maker helper :)
Tyson's buddy Max came over to play :)
I hosted Audra's shower at the house.  These are the sweet girls in our small group that I love being with(missing Tara).  Lots of babies between all of us!
When the boys have been outside for awhile I almost always find them playing with toolboxes and rachet straps.   This time they made trailers for their bikes out of straps and dollies.  Then they put Logan's toolboxes on the dollies and pulled them around.

Cutie pie :)

Her first swim in Gram's pool....sadly she is naked...I forgot her swimsuit at home :)  She didn't seem to mind.
goofball wearing his dad's swimsuit.
My cousin Betty Faye was in town for a few days from GA and came over to visit.  Her daughter Ali got to meet Lucy and hold her.  Miss them a LOT!
Someone is getting more and more curls....you can't really tell much in this picture but I put her daddy's hair gel on them.  It was pretty cute!
Naked boys in the backyard....all it takes is a hose....they have a blast.

Is this scary????  He thought it was pretty fun to push his sister around:)

Ashley came over for a visit and we went swimming at Mom's house.
Fun Saturday night at home....burgers on the grill and homemade ice-cream!!  Yummy!!!

Lucy turned 5 months last Friday.  She is SO happy and fun right now.  She is rolling over both ways and loves being on her back holding onto her feet.  She is so rolly just like her brothers and i love it.  She is a great sleeper and eater and just so happy!  We are so thankful for her and trying to enjoy everyday of this sweet phase she is in.
This cutie pie is super fun.  He is a mess and super demanding but so lovable and fun all at the same time.  How can that be possible??  Oh because he is TWO!  He is a snack monster!!!  If you even walk into the kitchen he thinks he must get a snack :)  He will even climb up on the cabinets to get one or get whatever you are cooking.  He is doing pretty good staying in his big boy bed but some night we find him curled up in the middle of his floor :)  He isn't going in the potty yet but i'm hoping that will happen soon.  He is talking so much now and it's so fun to listen to him.  I love him to pieces and could kiss on him all day long.
We often say that there is just not another one like our Caleb.  He is one of a kind :)  He still talks nonstop and has something to say about everything and if he doesn't he'll just make something up so he can hear himself talk :)  He loves Jesus, loves to pray and loves to read Bible stories.  He has a precious heart and is my best helper.  I told him the other day I think he is going to be a preacher....he asked "Do I have to go to heaven first to be one of those?"...silly boy.  He will start preK in a month....growing up and it makes mama a little sad :)

This boy is just getting older.  He is reading all the time and is so smart.  He asks questions and still tries to figure everything out.  He is an AMAZING big brother to Lucy.  He is so attentive to her and loves to help me with her.  He is currently obsessed with paper airplanes.  He makes them all the time and takes them wherever he is going.  He would stay in the pool all day if I'd let him.  He will start 1st grade in a month.  It's been so fun having him home this summer.  Caleb still naps most days so normally I have some time with just him in the afternoons.  We play a mean game of battleship or make a fleet of paper airplanes.  
selfies with some of my munchkins...minus Caleb...

 We went and spent some time with Mamaw and Papaw yesterday.  They love getting to see all the kids.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Lake Trip!

We went a few weekends ago on our little vacation with my family.  We had a blast and found our new favorite Texas lake.  We went to Lake Bob Sandlin in East Texas.  It is an awesome lake and we had a blast.  Before we went we had to smoke some meat of course to take....this time it was a huge and i do mean huge pork butt.  We had a LOT of meals on it by the time it was over.  It was SO yummy though!!  I think we smoked it on the Traeger for like 13 hours.  That is a very long time!

Sadly on the way there we were on 635 and had a blow out on the boat trailer.  Old tires + 100 degree heat = blow out.  It was pretty bad and a little scary but thankfully we were able to exit very quickly and get in a parking lot to change it.  We ended up having to get 2 new tires and a new spare.  We were just thankful we were safe!
Sleepy little Lucy :)
 Lots of lake/boat fun!!!

 Weston and Kayden skiied a ton and loved it!  They did great!
 Pops and his buddy :)

 Caleb got the skis on and thought about trying but then decided he'd wait.  He'll get it soon!
 cutie pie :)

 Lucy in her cute new sun hat :)

 This was my favorite thing the whole trip.....Weston skiing and his dad knee boarding right next to him :)

Tyson and Aunt Mel riding the tube together

 Caleb's newest buddy is his Uncle Greg.  They tubed together and then were instant buddies.  He talked his ear off the entire time :)  Love that boy.

 smores on the grill :)  It works!

 We played darts a lot and this is the ONE and ONLY bull's eye from ME!!!
 The 4 of us (Greg, Mel, Logan and I) got a game going one night of darts that was like HORSE...meaning how ever the first person threw the dart you had to mimic it.  It was pretty fun and there was lots of laughing...well and almost wet pants from laughing so hard :)

 Mom celebrated 59 while we were there!  Made her a yummy cake!  and yes, that would be by me not Mel....can you tell?!? :)
 me and Lucy Loo

 Next Kayden and Weston got into kneeboarding.  They sure were cute!

And yes, that is my mom out there waterskiing!  All her grandkids watching....pretty cute!
VERY fun weekend.  wish we could've all stayed longer but it was a great trip!