Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ducks, Waffle House, Girl's Weekend, Weston's First Day & Lucy Turns 6 Months

Swimming at Pops....some new game of trying to stay on the raft while Pops makes it go crazy.  

Back to feed the ducks again.....there are SO many of them!  We found a huge bag of tortilla chips (yes, in the freezer) and they went to town on them.

 Cutie pie up on the counter where he is NOT supposed to be but too cute sitting there like that to not take his picture.
Weston's one request before school started.....to go eat at Waffle House :)  So we all had dinner out on Thursday night at our delicious Waffle House.  It's funny how little it takes to make their day.  The boys were in heaven and loved the waffles and the bacon.  They ate better than ever of course.

Lots of empty plates :)

For my mom's birthday back in July we gave her a girls weekend.  So we got to do it this past weekend.  We went over to the outlets in Allen and shopped and ate and stayed the night together.  We had a great time.  And I actually got to take someone this time!!!!  Lucy!!!

Her first time in a high chair at a restaurant :)  The straw saved the night....entertained her for awhile.
And her first time in the front of the grocery cart.  She thought she was big stuff.

Fun weekend with my favorite girls!

Jenifer came over to see the house and brought Claire Sunday night.  Claire is 3 months older than Lucy.  They were so cute trying to figure each other out.  It was fun seeing them together.  I think Lucy is as big as Claire :)

My big boy started 1st grade yesterday morning.  He was so excited and had a great first day.  He is changing so much.....seemed so old and like he knew exactly what to do.  I'm sad he isn't home all day anymore.....and his sister is too! Do you like the black socks?  He tells me this is the cool way to wear them.......not sure about not even being able to see his legs.  

His first locker!  He was excited about that!

And Lucy turned 6 months yesterday.  She is SO fun and so smiley.  She's got the best chubbiest thighs ever.  She gets compliments on them from everyone :)  She is sitting up pretty well now and just started rocking on her knees :(  This makes me VERY sad.  I tell her to stop every time I see her do it!!  I am not ready for my baby to crawl!!!  This is my little seƱorita :)

Funny that she is surrounded by trucks!  Poor little girl :)
My mom has made each of your grandchildren a cake for their 6 month birthday so she brought one over last night.
We cut her a piece and let her dig into it.  

This is about all I'd let her eat of it.....just some licks of her fingers.  I was too afraid of what it might do to her tummy! 
Her brothers sure liked her getting a cake :)
We went for her well visit this morning and everything went great!  She's right on her "healthy" growth curve.  She weighed 17lbs 10oz and was 25 3/4".  She had everyone in that dr's office going on and on about her.  She sure makes me smile.  Love her to pieces!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Our Stay-cation!

So we never really did the typical "vacation" this summer just the 6 of us.  We talked about it several times and just realized it's just too hard right now with the ages/stages we have.  So we decided to spend the $$ on a babysitter for the younger 2 and do a few things close by.  So last weekend we took the older 2 boys to Mineral Wells state park and hiked and climbed rocks.  They loved it.

We played hide and go seek, ate a picnic, threw rocks, and just climbed around.

The bigger the rock was....the bigger the laughs from the boys.

I think he wet his pants a little laughing so hard.  And who even knows what was so funny.  That boy.
This is their boat or pirate ship :)

cutie pie in her bathtub.....somehow these pics got in here!

Then on Saturday we took the older 3 to the lake.

Riding the tubes is one of their favorite things to do.  So we did it for a long long time.

I have decided I think i'm getting to old to tube.  I went with Weston for a long time and I was very sore :)  Skiing I love but not sure about how many years of tubing I have left in me.
This cutie pie is still sporting undies these days.  Accidents??  yes.  But overall we're doing pretty good.
And Lucy Lou is sitting up!  She has a few falls but she's doing great!