Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chantel's Visit, Weekend at Home, and Aunt Diane's Birthday

SO SO SO fun...Chantel was in town for a wedding of some friends of hers and she got to come spend the afternoon with us!!  So wish we could've frozen time but the time we had was so good.  Miss her so much.  We had a load of sand for our sand box dumped on the driveway that morning and so the kids had a blast playing in it too :)  They were literally covered in sand.

Another fun attempt at a picture of all 7 of our kids.....we literally have had a kid every spring for the last 7 years between the two of us.....Weston 6, Mason 5, Caleb 4, Micah 3, Tyson 2, Reagan 1, and Lucy 6 months.  Ha!!!  What a crazy bunch!!! 

 Mel and Greg were out of town so the girls got to spend the weekend with my parents which means WE got to be with them too!!!  They came over and all of them spent hours playing on the playset together.  The weather was awesome and it was so so fun to have nothing going on and just be home!!

Love this crazy bunch :)
We had a mops playdate at the park last Monday so of course we had to walk down and see the train! 

My Aunt Diane had a birthday this past week and so we had her over for dinner one night.  The boys decorated some cupcakes for her.  Do you like how Tyson decorates???  Don't worry I put that one aside.  We love Aunt Diane!!  She has helped me several times with the kids when I've been in a bind.  She is so great with the kids and we are so thankful for her and that we are getting to see her more!  Sadly I didn't take any pictures at dinner....but it was a fun night!

Silly sock day at preK for Caleb
We made a parachute this morning for our science experiment.  I think the best part for the boys was climbing dad's ladder to let it go :)
I guess we have a new Aggie sure makes her Daddy smile to see her in her shirt....but I think we might need a bigger one :)  She needs to be wearing her Baylor shirt too :)

Here's some pictures of Lucy from the last week or so.....

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Birthday

I turned 34 on Tuesday.....yep I'm thinking the even #'s are the harder ones now.  34 just sounds a lot older than 33.  Logan is in June and he is younger so he just loves to rub it in when it's my birthday and I'm a year older :(  Logan and Weston made me a birthday was VERY yummy.  It was a coffee cake (cinnamon crumb topping).  A big slice of that with a big glass of milk....yum yum!
They were pretty cute in the kitchen together trying to figure out how to do everything.  I guess I hadn't realized how little Logan is in the kitchen!  He did pretty good though :)

me and my munchkins

We took a that is quite a feat with 4 kids!
Love my crazies.  It was a great birthday.....swam at mom's and then came home and played and then went to Chiptole for a crazy dinner out.  We got home and ate cake together.  I love my family and it was a great birthday!
We got a date, yes I said a date, last weekend.  It had been a long time (too long) since the 2 of us went out.  We are trying to start doing this once a month because we need the time away very badly :)  It was so very fun.  We went downtown and went out to eat and to a improv comedy act.
My sweet inlaws got us a new playset.  We got it delivered and they set it up the day after my birthday....which I think is a birthday gift to me!!!

Love my crazies.  It was a great birthday.....swam at mom's and then came home and played and then went to Chiptole for a crazy dinner out.  We got home and ate cake together.  I love my family and it was a great birthday!
I got to celebrate with mom and dad and the Bradleys last weekend while they were in town.  Mel made me a very yummy cake and the kids all swam.  Fun to be with them!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Caleb Starts PreK and Lucy's Dedication

Caleb started preK last week.  It's twice a week.  He was so excited the first day that he had his backpack on and ready about an hour before we needed to leave.  He is really excited about it and loves going but hates walking in the door every time I drop him off.  He screams his little head off and we have to pry him off of me.  That isn't fun but he gets over it really quick and loves being there.  He is growing up a lot and I just can't believe he'll be in Kinder this time next year :(  

So 2 days a week I'm down to these two cutie pies.  They are super fun and still take a lot of energy :)  I will say I've noticed when Caleb is gone that Tyson talks a WHOLE lot more :)  They look so much alike I think.

Weston wants to learn to play the piano so we had his first lesson the other night.  He actually did really good and I think he'll pick it up quick.

Papaw and his little girl :)
Weston has been begging us to come eat lunch with him at school and wanted us ALL to come so I finally braved it last week.  It was well exhausting but very fun.  I love when the older two are actually nice to each other and want to be together....this happened that day.  The younger two were a mess because Lucy was tired and I wouldn't dare let Tyson out of the stroller until we were on the playground.  So he screamed a lot in the cafeteria....but honestly it was so loud from all the kids that I don't think anyone really noticed.

Tyson was ALL over that playground.  He didn't care who was playing with him he just wanted to run and play.  And Caleb had a blast too.  When it was time to leave all 4 were crying....Weston didn't want us to leave, Caleb and Tyson didn't want to leave, and Lucy was just so tired.  So we made quite the scene leaving but then again where do we go that we don't make a scene?!?!
Lucy is not a fan of baby we will just keep trying.  Her brothers would open their mouths wide for anything and everything I'd put in there path.

And this is what my kids play with on a Saturday.....tape measure.  He would pull it out as far as it would go and then let it go and sprint to see if he could beat it.  Big fun!
Big boots :)

We dedicated Lucy last weekend at church.  It was a bit crazy because we ALL went up on stage but also really special.  We actually got the most decent family picture we've ever gotten!!!
my sweet Lucy in her dress!

Mel, Greg and the girls came over for it too.  Very fun day!