Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Party

I got the idea on Tuesday morning to throw a little Halloween party.  Yes that's about how I roll lately....spur of the moment.  So I dragged my friend Amanda into it too and we threw one together.  But the hard thing about around here is that most do preschool T/TH so several couldn't come because of that and then others do a homeschool group that met today too.  So basically I didn't pick a very good day but it was still fun....even though it was small!!  Caleb was my ninja turtle (Leonardo), Tyson is Batman and Lucy is Raggedy Ann.  

Missing from the action is Darth Vader aka Weston....he of course was at school this morning.

So here was our crowd.

We painted some pumpkins.....

And decorated some sugar cookies...

And played in the sandbox....

Fun day with my friends and their kiddos!  Hopefully I'll plan a little earlier next year :)

Pumpkin Patch and Lucy Turns 8 Months!

Lucy turned 8 months last weekend.  She has 2 teeth and almost a third one.  She's crawling a lot faster now and pulling up on things.  She's so rolly and chubby and SO cute!!!!  We love her to pieces!  Do you think it's time to lower her crib?!?!

Weston is painting his sailboat for Tiger Cubs.  He got to race it the other night at their meeting.  He got a ribbon that he is SO proud of :)

Painting time....

Anything their daddy does they have to be right there it.

So this is new and SO fun to me.....Weston is doing math problems and so here at home I make him mini Math tests that he does.  I LOVE it....yes nerdy Math teacher (i'm retired :) but it's so fun to teach him!!  And he is doing great in Math!

This is Tyson with the laundry basket on his head.....and funny thing is that he is saying "cheese" underneath for the picture.

Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch field trip for Caleb's preschool in Decatur.  My mom was up at my sister's keeping her girls so she met us there.  It was a fun day and the boys loved it.

Caleb feed some goats.....

We got several pictures in the pumpkins....


and this was the favorite....barrel train behind the tractor


bounce houses....

and a hayride!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Camping Trip to Mineral Wells

We had our next camping trip to Mineral Wells State Park.  We actually went with some other families from our Sunday school class.  It was a really fun weekend but a lot hotter than we were thinking for the end of October!!!
Lucy sorta had a hard time.....she just wanted to be down and crawling and well that's sorta hard when all it is around is dirt and rocks! 

We had our famous hotdog meal on Friday night when we got there :)

Boys setting up the tent....

Chaneys were there so Tyson was glad to have his buddy Max around :)

big fire :)

this is me, amanda and chelsie's selfie :)  love these girls and glad we all survived!  

Caleb and his favorite friend Jacey.  The Oetgens were next to us with their RV so that was nice to have a potty and some A/C whenever we needed it!
The next morning we did some hiking....

Tyson got to finally climb the rocks here.  He loved it and did great at it!

Lucy did some was a bit warm!

Lucy and her buddy, Bodie

hottest nap ever for Tyson!!!

And Lucy....poor thing just had to scream until she finally fell asleep.  It was so hot in the tent!

Tyson in the lake getting cooled off

We all met together for dinner on Saturday night....there were kids everywhere :) but it was by far the best eating I've ever done camping!  A few of the guys smoked a brisket all day and it was SO yummy!!!

S'more time!

Jenna and Lucy....they were buddies

So small confession....I actually took the younger 2 home at night to sleep both nights.  I just can't quite imagine all 6 of us in the same tent yet.  I know the day will come but we just aren't there yet!!! But we came back for the daytime and it worked out fine.  The older 2 did great with their daddy in the tent but I think they were super glad to be back in their beds on Sunday night.  It was a very fun weekend and so glad so many families from our class came too!  They actually had a bible study on Sunday morning before everyone left.  We are hoping to do this again sometime....hopefully on a cooler weekend :)