Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our Little Family Christmas

We decided to go ahead and do our little family Christmas last night since we're leaving for Kansas in the morning.  The boys helped me decorate the birthday cake for Jesus.  Caleb thought Jesus would want a green cake for Ninja Turtles :).  They sure do like using sprinkles!!!  Lucy was sure trying to climb up to help too....

Mom and Dad came over too and celebrated with us.  We sang happy birthday and ate cake and ice cream.  Lucy loved the ice cream :)

Then we read the Christmas story as the boys acted out the story using our nativity scene figurines.  Then we opened presents.  Tyson got a jacket and kept it on the whole time.
And something pink!!!!  Lucy got a little vanity to play with.  
The older 2 both got watches....they have told me what time it is about a million times today :)

Caleb is inspecting Tyson's new trash truck....I think he was a tad bit jealous :(

Logan's theme was camping :)  He got a stove and a lantern.....so that means so fun camping times ahead!

Our little family........so very thankful for each of them.  Yes it's a bit chaotic but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I am grateful for these times and hope and pray they are capturing the true meaning of Christmas.  We also did our little Jesse Tree that we made in Boerne.....they love putting a new ornament on each day in December.  It's amazing how much they have retained from Bible stories that we have read and reread.  I just pray that all this is penetrating their hearts to know and love the Lord their whole lives.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Start of Christmas......parties & Martin Side

We finally got our barn door up that we've been waiting on forever......I love it and I'm so glad to have it up!!!
 Our Caleb.....you just never know.....he comes out of our closet dressed in something different every time :)  Always makes us smile.

We've been trying to see Mamaw a lot lately....she seems like she's doing ok.  She of course is missing my Papaw a lot.
This was on FB....but the other night I had a girls night and was gone for a few hours.  Logan was getting Lucy ready for bed and found this on her back.  It was from her oldest brother who used a sharpie!!!  It's still there....almost a week later....but really faded now :)  When I asked Weston about he just smiled.  Oh the things this little girl is going to endure!

Christmas party at the church......decorating sugar cookies with Pops and Grams.

Caleb has started writing his name....well sorta :)

Weston had his Christmas party at school....they each got a special bell from a package sent from the North Pole...it was still cold!

Both of the older boys sang in their church choir performances last Sunday night.  They did great :)

And this handsome boy also sang in his preK performance last week.  He was so cute and did great!

Santa was there after the performance and we got to see him.  Lucy was ok with him but Tyson was NOT a fan.

We went ahead and did an early Christmas with my side of the family yesterday morning.  Pops read the Christmas story and asked questions to all the kids as he went along.  Caleb of course was quick to answer many of them....always wanting to talk :)

We had brunch all together and they did presents.  It was so fun to be together :)

Me and my Pops :)  Love him a lot.

Lucy got her first baby doll and loved it.  

Tyson calls Aunt Mel "Oatmeal"....because it sounds just like it.  So she got a container of oatmeal :)

THEN last night we hosted ALL of my dad's side of the family at our house.  WOW....we had 65 people in our house!?!?!?  crazy!!!  Actually it went so well and was a lot of fun.  We have some family that lives down in Victoria and they actually came up too.  It was a lot of people but it worked and I'm so thankful for my family!!

We had like 7 tables in our garage plus 2 tables in the kitchen.....and well it just worked!  More pics to come.....
Grams & Pops and their grandkids....

So after a VERY eventful day yesterday we bad a low key night at home tonight.....we all watched the Polar Express, ate smores, and then a bubble bath :)