Thursday, May 28, 2015

Camping in an RV, Last of the Sports, and Lucy as the Flower Girl!

Bittersweet I think but all of the spring sports are over for our family.  Caleb did great at soccer and Weston did great with baseball.  I have to admit I am a bit happy that they are are nights will just be calmer and everyone will be home together!

super dad the coach!

Logan had to make a quick trip up to Kansas and he got to see Norah!  She's growing so much!!!
Not sure why she was screaming except that she is in the car and she is NOT a fan :).  But she's still cute even when she's screaming!
Lucy loves the green cars.....Tyson was taking her for a ride.
And Weston was learning how to drive the lawnmower from Pops!

fun day riding our bikes on the trails to see the train!

So Weston actually found this frog on the playground and put it in his backpack and brought it home without his teacher knowing!!!  Crazy kid!!!  So he found this container and put it in there.  He begged for it to be in his room.  I guess I finally said yes.  The next morning...can you guess?!?!  It was gone.  Yes, I guess it jumped right out of there.  We finally found him about 5 days later in the boys shower.  Goodness.....
Love this.....Caleb and his dog :)

And poor Lucy....when she sees Charlie coming she squats down and tucks her head and basically braces herself.  She doesn't cry much and is getting used to getting licked so much!  For some reason he just won't stay off of her!

He is growing by the day.  Also growing is the list of things he has already chewed up or destroyed!!!!!

The best picture I could get of all 5 of them :)

This little girl loves her blankets :)

Checking out mama's engine......

cutie pie
So one of our babysitters got married last weekend and asked Lucy to be her flower girl.  She looked ADORABLE and I do mean adorable.  Look at her!!!  We borrowed a friend's wagon and put tulle all over it.  She sat in there with her fluffy tutu on and I think she knew she was cute.  She was in rare form just posing and smiling for everyone.  It was so fun.

This was the other flower girl....

The wedding was supposed to be outside but can you got rained out and had to be moved inside. 
There was a big mirror in the hallway where we were waiting so we took about a million pictures of her :)

Right after the wedding we loaded up and went camping!  We actually rented an RV for the first time.  It was quite an adventure to say the least.  Well I think 4 kids and a puppy is an adventure in itself but living in VERY close quarters for a couple of days put another element of adventure.  You would have thought we gave the boys a million dollars when they saw the RV in the driveway.  They were so excited they could barely stand it.  They asked if we could live in it till we die :).  So we got all packed up and headed to a state park, Lake Arrowhead, by Wichita Falls. 

Oh and here's another fun part of the plan.....we had to take Logan's truck because of the towing part of it and so all SIX of us crammed into his truck.  It was the longest 2 hour drive ever.  Lucy does NOT like Logan's truck.  She was DONE with it by the time we got there.  

Of course Logan had all kinds of helpers while he was setting up the RV.

We took the boys bikes and so we went on a lot of walks.  That area had just gotten a ton of rain so there were HUGE mud puddles everywhere.  So you can imagine what the entertainment was....
needless to say there was lots and lots of muddy clothes.....

There were prairie dogs everywhere.....

Mel and Greg and the girls were supposed to "tent" camp all weekend.  Well the plan changed from tent camping 2 nights to one night to zero nights.  But I will say the forecast looked pretty bleak with 100% chance of rain basically all weekend....however it hardly even rained on us!  They did come out for the day on Sunday so that was fun.  The kids had fun all playing together.  We went on a mosquito infested hike which was not very pleasant.....but then did some swimming and lots of bike riding.  

love this....

Yummy hotdogs and smores of course!

we survived and even smiled a lot :)

One tired little girl.....she slept in the pack-n-play right next to Charlie's crate so whenever he yelped first thing in the morning she popped up quick.  She took some killer naps when we got home :).  There were a lot of tired ones when we got home.  It was some late nights and early mornings all sleeping in the same space.  But worth it and I think they all had a great time!

Charlie's first swim!

love this one....

The way home was quite interesting.  We had just left the park and a pretty big storm was headed right for us.  We barely made it to a tiny town and ran inside a little convenience store.  We stayed there till it passed but basically it poured down rain on us the entire way home.  We were very thankful we made it back safe!!  Making memories!!!