Monday, July 13, 2015

July 4th Weekend with the Bellamys!

Chantel and her kids came in town for the 4th of July weekend.  They didn't get there till late Friday so we actually took the older 2 boys and served at a ministry in downtown Fort Worth.  On our summer bucket list was "try a new restaurant".  So Caleb wanted pizza so Thirteen Pies is the first thing we saw.  They picked it and in we went.  As soon as we opened the door I thought we should've turned around.....white table cloths and waiters.  That isn't a norm for our eating out experience.  But they were seating us before I knew it so we were staying :).  It was expensive pizza and they probably would've much rather had Dominos but it was fun and a great experience.  After dinner we headed to Beautiful Feet and learned about what we'd be doing that evening.  We loaded up the vans and headed to the "camps" that people live in within Fort Worth.  It was more than humbling to see how these people lived.  They basically had nothing but they were kind and caring even as we talked with them. We passed out hotdogs and tried to encourage them and tell them about Christ.  It was a very neat experience for our boys and we hope and to expose them to many more things like this in the future.

On Saturday we went swimming with the Bellamy's at my parents house.  The kids had a great time together.

This is our 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 picture :).  

Lots of fun playing and costumes throughout the weekend....

My cute patriotic little girl.....
this is my favorite....

Logan got a few fireworks and did them with the kids in the backyard....they were a tad eager :)
love this picture!  chantel & micah

lots of sparklers!

this is somewhat dangerous i think.....but she loved it!

Lucy's first ice cream sandwich.  And she did NOT want me to take it from her!

They are birthday buddies.....just a year apart though.

we drove up the street for our neighborhood fireworks show.  it was awesome!!

They stayed till Monday afternoon so we got to take them to splash kingdom!  It was a ton of fun!

We sure loved being with our friends!  Thanks for making the drive up and taking the time to come see us!  We miss them a ton!!

Lake, Swimming with Cousins, Splash Kingdom, Church Picnic, and Swim Lessons

This is my favorite picture so far this summer.  2 of my favorites at my favorite place.  
Logan got a new tube for Father's day so the boys had been dying to try it out.  Thanks dad for getting such a fun gift!
Tyson isn't so sure about the tube this year.  It's funny how kid's fears come and go.  I finally got him out there with me but it was a slow ride :)
Lucy sure wasn't afraid....she rode it with me too :)

Playdate over at Lucy's buddy Bodie's house.....
The best train track ever.....yes it went up and down the stairs.  That IS talent.
The lake wears this little girl out....she was resting.  
The Gray family came out one night and went out on the lake.  It was fun having them!

We had a whataburger picnic on the dock :)

Charlie got to do some swimming too!

Our church had a picnic at one of the parks in town.  They did a sack race so all the boys got to participate.  They had a blast.

Love this.....
Caleb and his best friend....

We went over to Melody's house for the day and went swimming at their really cool neighborhood pool.  I had some tired kids that night!

We did splash kingdom with some friends one evening.  There were a lot of kids in tow but everyone had a great time!  This is our new buddy Jacob.....he is such a cutie!  He slept the entire time.

We got to see Mamaw last week too.....Lucy was so happy and cute with her.

We did swim lessons the last 2 weeks at the city pool.  All 3 boys got to do and did great!  They improved a lot and learned a ton.  

This is Caleb's cannon ball and swimming over to the side....

Then this is Tyson's first jump by himself off the diving board!