Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weekend with the Davis Family!

Scott and Catherine and their boys came up last weekend from Boerne.  We all had so much being together.  Gosh we miss them!!!!  The boys all did great together and had a blast being together.  Lucy just stayed right in the middle of all of them.....she doesn't even notice that she's the only girl!!!  We did the lake on Saturday and that was a lot of fun.  Here's some best buddies with both of their front teeth missing!!!  They've been buddies since birth!

Lots of tubing and fun in the lake!

We sure miss them.  They are one of a kind and irreplaceable!!!  So glad we still have stayed close!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Entertainment.....

School Here we Come!!!

We met the teacher last Thursday night and both older boys started school yesterday morning!  They did great and walked right in.  Weston was so helpful and loving towards Caleb.  There were lots of hugs but no tears!  Weston has Mrs. Fincher this year for 2nd grade.  He was most excited about getting her because she has a parrot in her classroom named Louie :)
Caleb has Mrs. Mosgovoy this year for Kindergarten.  Weston had her for Kinder and we loved her.  He was very excited about starting school....hopefully that continues!

Walking on in like a big boy!

And now there was two....sniff sniff.  It's hard to believe that half of our kids are now in school.  I wouldn't say the house is any quieter during the school hours but it's definitely different with out the older 2.  I am excited to spend more quality time with these two though :).  I love being all of their mamas and sending any of them off to school is hard!

Dad & Caleb to Oklahoma!

Well Caleb is starting kindergarten this year and so Logan kept up the tradition and took Caleb on a special trip just the two of them.  Caleb was SO excited.  They went to the same place he took Weston....Beavers Bend state park.  They had an awesome weekend together. 

They did paddle boats, went swimming, rode horses (this was his favorite!), rode go carts, and rode the mini train that goes through the park.  He is about as cute as they come in this pictures!!!!  I love him to pieces and can't believe he is starting kinder!!

 This is a great picture of them!