Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I can't believe I haven't posted in so long.....here's some of what's been going on lately.  Tyson's doing a gymnastics ("gymnaskicks") class on Tuesday mornings.  He loves it!  He's been doing headstands all over the house :)

The older 2 are doing karate this fall.  They love it most days....

Caleb and scissors....hmmm....we do NOT cut our clothes in kindergarten :(

Lucy found the bag of dum dums.....

Dinner at Joe T's....Lucy wasn't sure what to think of the mariachi band :)

This sorta makes me laugh.....yes, we took a family picture....I mean it wasn't really for any particular occasion but we went out to eat and it actually went WELL!!!  So I guess we needed a picture of it!!!
lots of lake time....
snorkeling at the lake....makes perfect sense :)

first legit ponytail :)

Charlie's first boat ride.....umm...he loved it.

Some of my favorite pictures from this summer....

Everyone playing in the sandbox.....and yes, everyone means Charlie too :)

Weston picks up Tyson like it's nothing!
Charlie wanted to blow bubbles too but Lucy didn't want to share.

My helper making salsa :)

Caleb and his buddies at school!
Weston and 2 of the Gray boys :)
We celebrated it was Friday and went to Sonic after school!

Tyson on my neighbors back porch.  He randomly just goes over to their house....silly boy.

Lucy and her buddy Bodie at church :)

this is NOT right.

my birthday cake!

We celebrated my birthday with my family at the lake house.  It was a fun day being all together doing the lake which is my favorite!!!

Kiersi was running for vice president of the student council for her school and she needed a video.....so we shot this while we were all playing :)  And best news is that she won!!!!!
Caleb reading his first book from school
hunting for dove with Dad....best afternoon ever for these 2 boys!!

Cassy planned a fun lunch with my bible study friends on my actual birthday.  It was fun and I got a cookie ;)
Lucy made me a card on my birthday....
that's all i needed right there!
well and this....that smile is all about all i can handle!!!!  love my girl.
Caleb and his buddy Dane
So very fun but the Lynch family that went to Canada at the same time as us got to come through Weatherford and come to North Side a few weeks ago.  They were actually on their way moving to Canada!!!  We got to pray with them and hug their necks before they started their VERY long drive up to Vancouver!  It was really special....awesome family!
Lucy and her counterpart....
and there it is again.....
Tyson and his buddy Reid!

This is what I pour out of Weston's pockets or backpack almost every day.  He has turned into a rock collector on the playground...my little geologist.  And he is most serious about his rocks!!

Weston and his buddy Jacob
and again....

There was a bit of a tragedy this past Saturday.  Lucy was playing with her most favorite bunny and glow worm and left them too close to the fence.  Well you can guess the rest....her buddy Charlie maneuvered them through the fence and the rest is history.  I looked out the back windows and saw a lot of stuffing and material scattered about.  Poor bunny had a rough time.  Lucy was oh so sad.  She cried for a long time.....glow worm made it with only some dirt but bunny had to go right into surgery.  I had to amputate the other leg and basically he is 1/2 the bunny he was.  Logan deemed that his new name is "unny" instead of bunny.  Lucy was asleep while I operated and sewed him up so I wasn't sure what she'd think when she saw him.  But when they were reunited she loved him just the same!  What a day :)

Yesterday Amanda and I took the kids to the zoo.  It was fun and they had a great time.  

And of course the best part was the train!!!!  

our selfie :)
whew!  that was our month i guess!!!