Friday, November 6, 2015

Gold Belts, Halloween and Rainy Days!

We had a fun visit with Mamaw.  Tyson loves to share his snacks with her :).

This is the only place this little girl wants to be while I'm getting ready....right up there with me!

The boys had their school carnival a few weekends ago.  They had a blast doing each of the booths and spending $$.  Their favorite was this fake casts....who knew this would be so cool?!?!

Oh and the spray painted hair was a favorite.....

We had an Aggie watching party and Jacob came over....Lucy sure loves him :)

Weston and Caleb earned their gold belts in karate.  It's pretty cute how Mr. Nutall presents them with  it.  They were pretty excited about it!

Found this at a garage sale for Lucy's costume box :).  Caleb thought he'd give it a try....ha ha.

This is what our walks look like....

craft time!

Puddles are these two's favorite......

If another storm wouldn't have come through they'd probably have driven their cars back and forth all day!

Storytime at the library!

We got to make a craft together.
Logan went with some college friends to the A&M game a few weekends ago and I found Lucy doing this while he was gone.....I think her daddy is already brainwashing her!!
So while Dad was gone we did some painting.....

Mostly on paper....but some bellies might have gotten painted too!

This is the closest these 3 ever sit to each other ;)

So for Halloween we did a theme of the Wizard of Oz.  Lucy was Dorothy and just about too cute for me to handle.  She LOVED her sparkly ruby red slippers :)

On Friday we met some other moms and kids at Mamaw's nursing home and gave out candy and cookies to all the residents.  It was such an easy way to bring some joy to their day.  The kids loved it!

I think Mamaw loved it too....her with Dorothy and Scarecrow :)

Lucy & Bodie 

I got to go up to the boys school to their Halloween parties.  They dressed up like policemen for their costume day.

Our favorite Indian girl :)

My other policeman :)

I sure felt safe with these two!

Caleb got to go to his buddy Gunner's birthday party.  He had a magician come do a show at the party.  The boys loved it!

For Halloween night we went over to Mel and Greg's house.  These girls melt me!!!  Love them all together!

Time to go trick or treat!  Dorothy was all ready.....

and my Tin Man....
and my cute little lion.....
and my scarecrow....
and don't forget our 2 witches.....gosh they were cute!!
The whole gang.....

This crazy little lion got a little "courageous" and got lost while we were trick-or-treating.  It scared all of us to death but he was just fine!  Crazy kid with an amazing sense of direction!!!  He said he was just tired and decided to head back to Aunt Mel's house.  

Thanks to Aunt Mel we made it back!!!!

This just makes me laugh.....Lucy right in the middle of ALL her brothers Legos....she doesn't mind a bit!

You can barely see but Lucy is sitting way over in the grass playing with Stormy.  She loves that cat!
Tyson saying his new verse he learned.....

Lucy and all her current words....