Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Tree!

We put up the Christmas tree when we got home from Ruidoso.  While we were in the attic Logan got out his old train set he played with as a kid.  It was really fun for the boys to see.....except they didn't quite understand that you can't play with it quite like the geotrax we have.  It's MUCH more delicate and breakable.  So needless to say that didn't last too long.

All the boys got haircuts and these two nuts look more alike to me than ever.  They wanted their haircut exactly the same as each other for the first time ever.  They are the best of buddies and the worst of buddies.  

Oh and it's about the same for these two...Lucy loves Tyson yet he can aggravate her so much and knows exactly what to do to make her scream her head off!!!

Tyson's new trick on the couch....

Arrington's Visit from Canada

Josh and Lisa Arrington are the friends that we served with while we were in Canada this past summer.  They were able to come to Texas and visit family a few weeks ago (this post is a bit overdue) and we got the privilege of having them for a few nights too!  We had a blast getting to spend time with them.  They are very special to us.  They have 4 kids too so there were kids everywhere :).  Baseball games in the yard and lots of playing and eating of course :)

Our church sponsors them so they were able to share during the Sunday school hour the Sunday they were there.  It was awesome and so great once again to hear their hearts.  We hope more and more people feel the burden for the gospel to spread to Canada.  It is so desperately needed in that area.

We are big dorks and happen to wear our matching shirts on the same day :).  I love my friend dearly!!

Thanksgiving in Ruidoso

Caleb had a Thanksgiving party at school just before we left town.  His Indian name was "sleeping wolf"....hmmm...
LONG ride....and you think oh but they are sleeping....oh don't you worry that only lasted about 20 minutes of the 8.5 hour trip :)

Lots of game playing.....Life, Monopoly, and lots of cards.
Melody and I brought some crafts for them too....they loved doing that together.

So we had a crew full of Indians :)

Boys loved the hot tub!

Lucy was quite connected to her Uncle Greg

We got some snow flurries and a lot of sleet!
This snow bunny is pretty cute!

On Friday we were going to let the boys learn to ski but they had the ski mountain closed.  So instead we went to the tubing park they have.  It was actually really cold and sleeting.  While it was sleeting it was thundering and lightning.  It was pretty crazy!!!  

Tyson got to ride the tubes on the kiddie slope...he loved it!  Except he didn't like the thunder while he was doing it!

Weston and Kayden rode down together on the big tube and then Logan and Caleb did it too.  It was just good to get out of the house :)

We tried to do the movie theater but it was all sold out so they got popcorn and brought it home and watched the Polar Express on the laptop.
Lucy loves Elmo :)

The way home was WAY better and not sure why.  She slept a little longer and just was a lot happier!
Maybe this huge lemonade had something to do with it :)