Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trip to Boerne and Life Here!

Fun on the trampoline...even when it's freezing!!  They jump just about everyday!
does everyone's countertops look like these?!?!
Aubrie (Weston's BFF :) came over to play one afternoon.  We love her!!

fun in the fort!
I took the younger 2 down to Boerne for a few days to see friends!  It was a fun trip and so great to be with my pals!

fun at the park with my 2 littles!

and a picnic on the trampoline!

And this crazy is leaving in the morning for 2 weeks for obedience school....we are hoping it changes his life....which will change ours!!!
you can't really tell by he has slime all over him.  it's what happens when it's quiet and I'm on the phone for a few minutes!  AHHH!!!

feeding the ducks at the marina
This is Lucy's newest talent and how I find her in the mornings.....crazy girl!

We had some fun with shaving cream and paints!

Last Friday I got to have lunch with my Caleb!  It was fun to be with just him!

Rosas with Grams & Pops!
I found her like these....she got down the boys photo books of when they were little and was flipping through them.  The boys would never do something like that.  I like moments like this when she reminds me how GIRL she is! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lucy's Leg

The kids got a trampoline for Christmas and we put it up a few days after we got home from Kansas.  As soon as we got it all put together all of them got on it....Logan too.  Well something happened and Lucy started screaming.  I got her off and consoled her.  It was about nap time for her so I went and put her in her bed.  After her nap she wouldn't walk :(.  We thought it would be better the next morning but it wasn't.  She wouldn't put any weight on it.  So on Monday we went for an X-ray and sure enough there was a small fracture right above her ankle on her right leg.  The dr said we could just do a small boot on her foot instead of a cast!  Yay....we were thankful for that.  So her new nickname has become Peg Leg :).  She didn't like the boot at all when she first got it but now she's doing great on it!  We only have another week with it!  YAY!
Her reward after she got her boot on was a big care bear :).  She was pretty excited!!
Sweet friends brought her a cookie cake and balloon the day she got her boot.  She loved it!
She can still ride her car just fine :)

Still lots of smiling and being a little toot....this is what she did when I thought she was reading books in her room!!!!!  
That smile.....gets me every time!

10 Year Anniversary & New Years

We celebrated 10 years on New Years' Eve.  My parents were super sweet and kept our kids to let us have a night away!  We went shopping for awhile, then ate yummy food downtown Fort Worth, saw a movie, and then stayed at the Gaylord.  It was a really fun night together!  

The kids had a great new year's eve.....they did crafts & fun stuff with Grams & Pops!

On New Years Day the older boys, Charlie and Logan went dove hunting.  They loved it but didn't have very good bird luck.  But anything involving guns and outside is worth it!

We've been letting Charlie come inside for awhile at night.  He is doing a lot better and "somewhat" calmer.  The kids lay all over him and he doesn't mind one bit.  It's pretty cute to see them with him.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas with Grams and Pops and Christmas in Kansas!

Pops reading the Christmas story with twang :)

my favorite sister. 

Every year my mom wraps up baby Jesus and then lets a grandkid open him.  Lucy got to this year and she knew just what to do it him.  She first kissed him and then let Grams kiss him too.  She melts me!

Greg and Logan gave each other the same ax for cutting firewood!

The next day we went over to my grandma Martin's house and did gifts with her.  Lucy got an Elmo that she loves!!!

Weston got a game called Kerplunk that we have played a lot.

Tyson had gymnastics so he had quite the crowd cheering him on with the girls and Aunt Mel in town.  

Charlie got his Christmas gifts too......

A frisbee and a bone that we couldn't get opened fast enough!

And silly Grams forgot one of Lucy's presents....she found it in the top of her closet the next day.  So Lucy got to open it.  She loves it!

Then on Christmas Eve we left for Kansas!  Don't let this smile deceive you.....she's something else in the car!!!!

Big fun in the playroom.  The roller coaster was a hit!

Lucy was quite connected to her Pawpaw!

Christmas Morning.....Santa left a fun note about what he left in the garage.....a trampoline!!!

The theater room was a definite favorite with the boys :)

All of them!  You can just about see Barry's scowl from here :).  Ha ha!

Mallory had bought the girls matching dolls from China.  They are so cute!!

The next day we took all the kids to a trampoline place close by.  It was a blast!

And Lucy was also connected to her Aunt Mal....although Norah wasn't so sure about this!

These two were so cute together!  Sadly Lucy aggravated Norah quite a bit :(....wonder who she learned that from!!

This crazy.....I didn't tell her to pose or do any of that!  How does she know these things?!?!?!