Friday, April 8, 2016

Caleb being Caleb.....

Caleb being Caleb....need I say more?!?!?  Something about the hat and his side kick....

Lucy Reading....

This girl LOVES to read.  She will sit in her room with her pile of books and read them over and over in her own language :).  It's pretty cute!!!

Easter Weekend!

Caleb had an Easter party at school on Thursday.  He got to hunt eggs....well not really because there were so many eggs there wasn't places to hide them!  So he basically got to "pick up" 12 eggs :)

Then he had a baseball game that night.  He is still loving it and doing great!

On Good Friday Logan had to work most of the day so I decided to be brave and took them all to Mineral Wells State park by myself.  It was a ton of fun.  They did great hiking and had fun!  It was a gorgeous day to be outside.

I thought the trail was a loop and it wasn' the end of the way back was a bit brutal.  I didn't carry any snacks because I was carrying Lucy most of the way.  So here they are resting :)

Finally we made it back and had a picnic.  Fun day with my kiddos!

Then when we got home they all helped Logan set up the tent in the backyard.  All the boys camped out in the backyard that night.  Lucy and I stayed for the dinner and desert but slept in our own beds :)

Weston was loving being in charge of the fire.

Don't let this fool you that he was being all calm.....oh no.  He kept getting in the tent, taking stuff, etc.  Never a dull moment with this dog!

Hot dogs on the fire and smores of course!

They made the night just fine.  All slept until 7 the next morning.  I'd call that a win!
Logan has had this boat of his grandpa's for a long time.  We finally got it out to the lake and him and Weston went fishing in it.  They had a great time but still no fish :(

I had some helpers dying the eggs with me.

Saturday night we made some resurrection cookies.  I have heard about them but never tried them.  Our "tombs" were a bit flat....they worked but just not exactly right.

We taped the oven door to "seal" the tomb. 
What's wrong with this girl....we found her in Charlie's cage.....

We hosted everyone at our house this year.  We all went to church then came home for lunch and Easter egg hunt.  Our family pic!

Cutest 3 girls ever in their matching them!!
cutie pie :)

Ready to hunt!!

We have been getting a few things that we want from Mamaw and Papaw's house before they do an estate sale next month.  Lucy found a "kitty" while we were there the other night.  She loves it.  Well it was on the counter and she climbed right up the side of the counter and grabbed it.  Before I could even realize what was happening poor kitty took a fall.  With a lot of hot glue Kitty is back in one piece with a few holes :).  Now she is up high and safe from Lucy!