Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Turner Falls Weekend Again!!

We had SO much fun last fall on our trip to Turner Falls that we decided to go back to the exact same spot and take friends!!!  It was an absolute blast.  We relaxed and got to hang out more than probably we ever have before on a weekend.  Here's a bunch of pictures from our weekend of fun!

Gracie's birthday was Friday so she got to celebrate with ALL of us :).  She was by far the oldest kid at her celebration :)

Lucy had her pick of boyfriends this weekend.....

And Weston was basically in heaven with having his bestie Aubrie there the whole weekend!!!

Lots and lots of fishing.....all boys caught tons of fish.  Actually Caleb caught 27 fish...or that's what he told me!  HA!

Lucy quite enjoys the little fish....she is NOT afraid of much of anything!!!

This little group of 4 boys just about makes me tear up....digging in the gravel and dirt with their trucks is their little slice of heaven!

mr. smore master!!

Gracie and Aubrie were AMAZING with Lucy.....like super amazing....like I actually got to sit around and talk with my friends most of the weekend.  It was a dream :)

Everyone packed up and headed out Sunday morning and we decided to stay awhile longer and go back to the natural spring area.  We had a picnic and swam in the freezing cold water again!  It was so fun with my little family!!

But boy did we have some tired kiddos!!  ALL 4 fell asleep on the way home.  I don't think Weston has fallen asleep in the car in YEARS!!

What a fun weekend!!!  We needed the getaway more than I knew.  We laughed and just got to relax a lot.  It was awesome.  And we actually put our house up sale the Friday we left.  We planned that so we wouldn't be in town.  We got a showing on that Friday night and signed a contract with the people on Sunday.  CRAZY!  We get to stay 2 more months before we have to be out.  It's a sweet family in our church that is buying it.  We are so thankful of the Lord's timing and how things work out!