Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Mamaw

My Mamaw went to meet Jesus this past Monday, June 6th.  She was 90 years old and very special to me.  My Papaw passed away about a year and a half ago and she missed him so much.  They were married almost 70 years!  So we were able to celebrate her life on Friday and share many memories about her.  It was a sweet time with my family.  Thankfully her and my Papaw were able to meet all 4 of my kids.

This was at her 90th birthday party in December.
This was taken at Brookdale just a few weeks before she passed away.  It's a great picture of my mom and Mamaw!

The kids got to ride in a limo from the church to the graveside.  They thought that was pretty cool.

Sweet and emotional day celebrating my Mamaw's life.....

She has 26 great-grandchildren....missing a few but this is a lot of them!

More Lake, More Birthday Parties, and the Brady Bunch!

Bradleys came over last Saturday to celebrate Melody and Logan's birthdays.  We played and laid out and ate.  It was a very fun day!
The Smiths came for the evening too!  Aubrie and Gracie had their first EVER ride on the boat and tube!  They loved it and we loved having them there!!

Then we got to celebrate Jacob and Jordy's birthday.  The ice cream truck came to their house!!!  That was super fun and our kids sure thought it was yummy!

We went to the library kickoff carnival for their summer reading program.  The best part was the fire truck.  We went several times back to see it again.  The boys asked about every part of the fire truck and what it can do.  They had a blast.  Tyson is quite obsessed with fire trucks right now so he has talked nonstop about it.

fort for the just never know what you're going to see when you walk up the stairs to this room!

Oetgens came and had tacos with us!!  Notice Batman is sitting at the table :) 

Lucy is checking over the house plans and then decided to rest of her future room :) 

Weston got invited to go to dinner with Aubrie for her birthday.  They ate at Palio's and then went to her house for cake and scooters!  They are best buddies!!
Kiersi and Kayden got to spend a few days with us.....3 boys and 3 girls...we were the Brady Bunch!! It was a blast and I love these girls like they are my own.  They are SO helpful and obedient!!!  And everyone gets along SO SO SO well.  It makes my heart happy when they are with my kids!!

Pops and all 6!

Swimming at Smith's pool

Hide and go seek and Lucy decides to put the trashcan on her head!

Aubrie had an animal party and a real petting zoo in her backyard.  We all got invited and they loved it.  Fun party!!!

And more lake and more boat and more smores.....summer!!!!!

those cheeks :)