Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Summer, Swimming, Camp Hope, Picnic Table, Bowling and Ducks!

This makes me smile....Lucy rode on the "trailer" behind Caleb on his big wheel.  It's actually a broken tricycle that they converted into their trailer.  So cute!

Yes, more water park!!!

Charlie in my dad's very green grass!

These 2 have been extra close this summer....even sleeping in the same bed some nights :)

My bestie, Brittany, is making a BIG move to Seattle.  Her hubby got a job with Amazon and they are heading north.  We got to spend a little time with them before they headed out.  We will get to see them on our Canada trip!!

Every Thursday night we've been helping with Camp Hope.  This is a ministry through the Center of Hope in Weatherford.  We spend 2 hours with the neighborhood kids teaching them cooking, crafts, recreation and a bible story.  It's a lot of fun and the older 2 boys are able to go each week with us as well.  It's so fun getting to serve like this as a family!

yummy cupcake....she was in heaven.

project with Dad....picnic table for the lake house.  I have to say I was quite impressed.  My hubby had it built in about 30 minutes.  He's so gifted at stuff like that!!!

This boy has been our summer coffee maker :).  He knows the way to his mama's heart :)

wearing her brother's shoes....

loving on Grams on her birthday!

we got to have a kid-FREE lunch!!!  it was so fun and a definite treat for me!

our class planned a bowling night in mineral wells.  it was so much fun and our kids had a blast learning how to bowl!

and ice cream afterwards made it even better!!

This silly boy figured out one day that him and his dad have matching shirts.  So when he saw Logan dressed in that shirt he ran to his room and put on his matching outfit.  They even have matching hats.  So he got to go to work with him for a little while :)  It sure filled that boy's tank!!

something about that skirt.....she gets me!!!

crazy ducks.....the geese tend to come right after you!!

we got a date last weekend and had a blast.  we went and ate in Fort Worth then picked up dessert.  We came to the lakehouse and took the boat out.  We pulled each other skiing and then enjoyed the dessert on the boat as we watched the sun set.  It was fun and much needed!
Meanwhile the older 2 were with my parents having a blast at steak and shake :)