Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hunting & the Fireman

Logan and Shane took the older 2 boys out to Abilene to Perry's ranch to dove hunt.  They did NOT see many dove but had a really good time.  Boys and's like paradise to them. 
Oh and some really yummy food....Perry spoiled them.

Fun with Mr. Shane and his pistol.  

And Perry let the boys drive all over the ranch.  They loved it!

We got Charlie through Perry so he got to go along too.  He loved it and Perry loved seeing him too.

And it's hard when your older brothers get to go somewhere with when they left we gave Tyson a surprise we found at Costco....a fireman costume.  He didn't take it off for the first few days :).  He loves firetrucks these days!

My Aunt Kay

This past March my Aunt Kay had a seizure and eventually found out she had a brain tumor.  It was cancerous and basically the worst kind called glioblastoma.  She immediately started treatments but it just spread too quickly.  She passed away on September 6th.  She was the aunt I always felt close to as far as parenting because she has raised 3 boys.  We would swap stories and laugh about how crazy it is having a house full of boys.  Her funeral was actually on my birthday.  It was a hard and emotional day.  My Uncle Randy loved her dearly and it has just broken his heart to lose the love of his life.  It was so hard to see him hurting so bad.  But also it was amazing to hear of the legacy she leaves behind in her family.  Several got up to speak at her funeral and every one of them talked of how much she taught them about the Lord.  My cousin shared of how she would always read scripture around the breakfast table and teach her boys about the Lord.  Her grandkids told of how much she impacted their life.  She also fought the cancer bravely without worry of herself but only for others.  She was my mom's best friend and that has been really hard on my mom.  We lost my Mamaw only 3 months ago so this has been a lot.  But I am so grateful to have such Godly examples in my family.  My aunt Kay will be missed so very much!  I love these pictures of her....

Labor Day & My Birthday

We spent Labor Day out at the lake for the most part over the weekend.  The Smiths came out one day and we had some boat trouble.  We went out to ski and it died and made some awful sounds.  So we got towed in and parked it :(.  Then Logan and Shane decided to get Logan's John boat out.....oh goodness it was quite a sight.  It only has a trolling motor so it does NOT go fast at all.  They thought they would pull the kids on the tube.  We were laughing so hard.  It was hilarious and quite a sight to see.  The wind was blowing hard enough that they couldn't even really steer in the direction they wanted to go.  Needless to say that ended pretty quickly.  

So there was a lot of time on the paddleboat that day.  It was fun and the kids loved swimming and just being together.  

They played some game all day where Tyson was the shark.....notice he's actually biting the side of the paddleboat!

Logan tinkered with the boat the next morning and somehow (I sound a little shocked) it worked.  So we had fun the rest of the day being out on the water!  Here's the girls kneeboarding together...they're super cute!
And our older 2 boys kneeboarding together....

And Tyson finally did the kneeboard and loved it!
I love these cuties!!!

Weston on the wakeboard!  He was determined :)

Kristen and I have birthdays a few days apart so Melody made us a cake and we celebrated together with all the crazies :). 

Tyson at the dentist with his favorite....Mrs. Liz :)

And my crew made me a birthday cake later that week on my actual birthday.  It was an ice-cream cake and they all helped!  It was fun to be with my crew.  

And my awesome parents gave us a date night!  Our sitter was busy and so they kept the kids.  It was needed and great to just be with my hubby!  So happy 36th to me....upper 30's....whew!