Thursday, December 22, 2016

Martin Side Christmas

Melody hosted everyone on the Martin side for our Christmas get together.  It was full house but very fun to all be together. 

Then Monday night we went next door to Mom and Dad's and had our Christmas together with them.  Pops told the Christmas story with some helpers reading it with him this year.  Then we opened gifts together.  It was fun as always begin together.  

Our girl selfie....Lucy just loved it :)

poor brownie......


School Christmas Parties, House Progress, and our REAL tree!

Caleb's Christmas party at school.....he thought he needed to wear the santa hat!
egg drop container challenge!

"bobries" (aka barbies)...Aubrie gave them to Lucy and she is quite obsessed with them!!!  No fighting her to get IN the bathtub but getting out is another story :)

Our ceilings are a bit lower in this house so our normal Christmas tree wouldn't work this year.  So we decided to try a real one!  I've never had one before so it was fun to give it a try.  We went to the farmer's market and picked it out.  

Brownie likes to hide underneath and drink the water :) 
Wild Blue still going strong!!!

2 things this girl picks to take with shotgun and Thomas :)....not exactly what I pictured for my little girl!!

The house is coming along....we've been cutting more firewood, backfilling the retaining wall, and of course picking up trash :)

Our first meal in the house :)......picnic in the garage!

Weston had a school Christmas program the other night.  He was a reindeer and a very cute reindeer!

Another gun.....Legos this time :)
2 of our favorites had a birthday party at Maverick!  Fun day to celebrate Jordy and Jacey!

We went and got him new tennis shoes....he was super pumped.  That little face.....
This is how we roll at the public library....cookie monster with a batman mask :)
Baby Jesus.....please forgive us but you made your way on the train track somehow :(

Pops and Grams went and had lunch with Weston at sure made his day!

At my Wednesday morning Bible study Caleb and Lucy sang on stage for their Christmas program.  It was super cute to watch them both!  Caleb was a champ and knew all the words and motions.  Lucy either sucked her thumb or did some sort of stretching routine.  She was funny.  But she sang and clapped like she did amazing :)!

Back of our Christmas card this year.....down behind the old dairy barn :) many great props around this place to re-enact Bethlehem!  

Lucy loves driving through the pasture in her daddy's lap.

Hot chocolate and Home Alone....doesn't get much better than that!!!

Carols, Candles and Children.....a tradition our church has done since I was little and up on the stage.  It was a sweet time to be with our church family!

She has recently become attached to a "poof"....she calls it her "wash club"....who knows?!?!?

Pops and Grams got the boys a basketball goal for Christmas.  It's been fun watching them shoot hoops in the afternoons!

HUGE snowball fight at our church after the Christmas party the other aren't great but it was fun!

Weston's class party!

We went to Western Heritage (a store in town) to see Santa and ride the train!  It was super fun!