Thursday, October 12, 2017


Fun date night.....Logan came up with the idea for us to go indoor skydiving....super fun!  

So a few months ago while the kids were in Kansas and my sister's I had a really bad day.  I backed out of the garage and accidentally ran over was super sad and awful.  So a few weeks later they were having a "clear the shelter" day at the animal shelter so Lucy and I went and picked out 2 sweet kittens.  She was/is in love :).  So meet Socks and Fuzzy.....

While the boys are at school Lucy and I have fun playing and learning....she's started using scissors and lots of glue :)

Ice cream treat with Grams & Pops!


Coffee & Kitties......this is our mornings....

Date night for my birthday and the Smiths came too!  We all went to eat and then went to a comedy club show.  It was a super fun night with a lot of laughing....and thankfully I wasn't called on stage!!
Tyson kneeboarding!!

Fun with the Carters......these 2 have become buddies

Girls tubing with their mommies!

Charlie's look alike....but SO much calmer :)

tired day after a full day at the lake....
Peaster had a blue & white football game to promote football to the community.  It was so fun.  Everyone brought their lawn chairs and ate hot dogs.  We found the greyhound :)

Sweet friends....
my helper.....she always knows the exact moment to come in the kitchen to get a beater :)

Soccer season has started and Tyson is loving it!!!

another birthday for me.....37 big ones :).  It was a fun night celebrating with my family!

Fun at Evelyn's birthday!