Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Tree and Christmas List

They are all writing their Christmas lists.....they are definitely way more into it this year!

Putting up the tree!  I had plenty of helpers!
Homemade pizza and Christmas was a fun night!

She LOVES the nativity set....she's been carrying them around and acting out the story. 

Thanksgiving in Ruidoso

On Wednesday we headed to Ruidoso and spent Thanksgiving out there.  It was so good to get away and be with our family.  The kids loved the hot tub and I think got in it every night!

We drove to White Sands on Thanksgiving day.  Its an area with a huge deposit of white sand out in the desert!  We took sleds and had SO much fun.  We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun.

The girls....
The guys....

Lunch break....

Thanksgiving dinner....

Craft time with Grams!

LOTS of game playing with Pops.....

Pops has a deer feeder set in the backyard so the boys would sit with their dart guns and wait on the deer.  Then they would "attack".....go after them shooting them with darts.  They had so much fun.  A boy named Titus lives across the street and they all played together for hours.  They had a blast!

Park time!