Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weston's 9th Birthday

I have a 9 year old!!!  He is so fun....he wanted a camping party this year out at the new house.  It was a blast...well it was a blast for me because I got to go out and set everything up and play and then go home and sleep in my bed :).  Ha!  Logan was awesome with the boys....we also invited their dads so several dads came too!  They ate hotdogs, had a scavenger hunt, played with their lanterns, ate cake, made smores, and played in the tents.  It was small and a really fun group of boys.  We are getting to know more families at his school and this was a great way to do that!
We hung up Christmas lights and I made this hobo packs for each of the boys with their snacks for the night :)

My sister made him the cutest cake!
Lanterns from amazon that were a HUGE hit!  The boys loved them.

We had gotten a new tent for Christmas so it got to be used for the first time!

It was a perfect night....the weather was amazing!

Sweet Aubrie and her parents came out for dinner and smores.  Lucy was glad to have a girl to party with :)

We are super proud of this kid!  He has done great changing school this year.  He is making tons of new buddies and excelling with his school work.  His brain continues to amaze us with all he is interested in and asks questions about.  He is very curious and always wanting to learn something!!  We love him to pieces and are so grateful for him in our family!

Too much partying for this one.....he slept like that for about an hour!

Tyson's 5th Birthday!

Hard to believe this cutie pie is already 5!!!  He really started understanding the whole leap year thing year.  He asked his preK teacher why February 29th wasn't on her calendar!!  She asked us what she should do :).  We are slowly explaining it to him.  He has decided that he has the most special birthday and he has been telling everyone that!  

He picked Chick-fil-a for his dinner choice!!!  So we all loaded up and headed there to celebrate his birthday night....which this year was March 1st :)

He loves firetrucks so his party theme was pretty easy this year!!!  My dad knows one of the local firefighters and their station is right next door to one of the local parks.  So this made this party a cinch!  The firetruck came and the kids played.  It was great!!!

He is a great kid.  He is so easy to love.  If you just play with this kid then he'll be your best friend.  He loves trucks, trailers and his Pops.  He makes friends SO easily and will play with anyone.  He is so easy and goes with the flow....guess that's what you have to do when you're the 3rd kid :).  We love him to pieces!!!

And a piƱata of course!!!

This was crazy hair day at school.....he just makes me smile :)