Monday, May 15, 2017

Easter, First Swim, Field Trips, Performances, More Sports, Kiersi's Party, and Mother's Day

Easter Sunday was a special day for us.  My mom invited her entire side of the family over to her house.  They are selling all of my grandparents land and so we all gathered together to tell stories of growing up out here.  It was so fun to all be together. 

This is about the best we got this year.....looks a bit painful for a few :)

Easter egg hunt!!

Logan got his photographer to get some pictures of the land and sunset awhile back.  We picked a few shots and had them blown up and framed for my mom & uncles.  It was neat and they loved it. 

My cousin Jon has a drone that he brought.....oh my these 2 were in heaven.

It was a great day.  Every year I feel like my kids grasp a little more depth on their understanding of what Easter is all about.  Our service was amazing and our older 2 boys still talk about it.  I love that they are able to be in worship with us now and we get to experience it together.  
Water balloon fight followed by swimming in the pool....and it was freezing!!!

Brittany came in town and we got to spend the day with her and her boys!  SO SO SO fun!!!  I miss her SO much!!!!

Weston had a field trip to Cowboy stadium in Arlington.  I had never been so I got to go with him.  We had a great day together.  

working with Pops!!!
Lucy and Caleb had a little performance for bible study.  They sang songs and basically just looked really cute up on stage :).

My cookie helper.....always!
She's learning fast....
Do you like my talent??  Maybe it needs to go on a wall in the new house :)
Sweet Aubrie letting Lucy sing Frozen to her.  Aubrie and Gracie gave their karaoke machine to us.....and Ms. Hannah made Lucy her very own Frozen soundtrack to sing along to.  She does it every single day!!!
This boy and soccer....he LOVES it!!!

He finally lost one of his front teeth!

Caleb got to make sushi at school and he even ate it!

Wal-mart is oh so fun!!!

Weston finished up the season....his team only lost 1 game and they earned first place!  He had a blast.
One of the dads on Caleb's team takes pretty amazing pictures of the boys every game.  Here's a few of Caleb.....I love them!

Kiersi had a Cinco de Mayo party for her birthday!  It was so fun and a gorgeous night for a party!

Walking into church and realized they were all wearing blue and looked cute :).  Gotta snap those pics when you can!
Caleb's school took a field trip to the Perot museum in Dallas.  I decided to take Tyson along too.  It's a fun place but it was a long day!

We took the public train in Fort Worth over to was super fun to the boys!
Meanwhile Lucy was home with Grams and got to meet Uncle Randy's new puppy.  She was in love.

Tyson's buddy Reid was there with his brother too!

She wears this almost every single day....and picks every flower she sees!
Last soccer game!

It was a perfect Mother's Day to me.  We went to church all together and then spent the rest of the day at the lake.  Weston's arm around me during worship, Caleb's hugs all day, Tyson kisses and telling me "Mom, you look so beautiful", and Lucy's giggles and her hands on my face before bed....that all made my day!  And my mom came to the lake and I got to be with her.  It was a perfect day!