Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Memorial Day, House Update, and Summer!

We had some friends out to the lake house to play on the lake!  It was fun and relaxed and a perfect way to start summer!

This was at the splash pad a few weeks ago.  It was SO chilly and actually raining part of the time.  My kids still ran around in their swimsuits and played in the water!  Crazy!!!  

Too many errands for these 2 while the older 2 were at basketball camp!
Finally it's painted on the outside!!!!  And I love it!

Lucy's bathroom!

Logan's office bathroom

Boys bathroom
Swimming at Grams house....I think we've already gone like 10 times :)

This dog and Lucy....they are buddies.

Our first Science experiment this summer....we actually paper-mached the volcano, painted it, and then erupted it (several times).  They thought it was SO cool!!!

PreK Graduation, Swimming, Soccer Party & Sweet Stormy.....

Weston on a GT field trip with his Daddy!  Best day when Dad gets to come....
Soccer Party!!!!  
We got a REALLY quick visit from our favorite Kriegers!!!  They came to Texas to get a new puppy!  We only got one night with them but it was super fun!
Lost his other front tooth!!!
Tyson had his big preK graduation the other night.  Gosh he was SO cute in his little cap & gown.

His best buddy Miller...these 2 do NOT need to be in the same kinder class!!!  ha!
My buddy and his buddy......I hope these 2 stay buddies for life!

his sweet teachers this year...Mrs. Karie & Mrs. Shelia
Caleb at his awards program....

And Weston at his awards ceremony....

Tatum came for another visit!!!  Gosh she's so cute!!!  Lucy loves her :)

My little swimmer....

We tried Blaze pizza the other night with our crew and then popsicles at Steel City Pops.  It was a fun night!

Before the popsicle....
And during the popsicle...

Our sweet Stormy went to heaven last week.  She's been a great kitty but it was time she had a new body and was happy without a big black dog to make her angry all day.  Lucy went with me to take her to the vet.  I was sad.  Lucy was sad.  I tried explaining it to Lucy.  We pulled in the parking lot at the vet and Lucy says "Mom, is this heaven?".....sweet girl.  We laugh about Stormy demanding her place in heaven is free of ANY black dogs!!  I've had Stormy since I graduated from she's was up in her years.  She's been a great kitty cat!  She was born in my grandma Martin's barn just up the road at their old house in Poolville.