Sunday, August 6, 2017


We basically had one free weekend before school starts so we decided to take advantage and head up to Kansas for the weekend.  We had so much fun....we love being there!

He is french braiding my hair!!!  I didn't even know he knew how to braid.  HA!

Lots of yummy food and lots of swimming!

And lots of fun cousin time.....they all get along so well and have so much fun together!

We left the boys there and Lucy went and stayed with Aunt Mel and the girls for a few days.  She was pumped!
And then SO over the car ride....
Lots of boys at Mimi's house.....they had so much fun!

And this little girl had a blast with K&'s like her 2 big sisters.....they are so good with her and she had a blast!


It was fun to have a few days just me and Logan to do house stuff and just have some quiet....but it was so good to have them all home!

Regional Swim Meet, Gram's Birthday, New House, Lake with Smiths, and Bellamys!

The morning after Canada the boys swam in their regional meet in Keller.  It was a very early morning but fun to see them swim one last time this summer!  Everyone was there to watch him....Grams & Pops, Mimi and Pawpaw and the Bradleys!  We also got to celebrate Grams's birthday.  She turned 62 while we were in Canada.  

I was SO glad to be back with my little girl.  I missed her a ton!

Lots of being home that next week.....playing in our "pool" :)

And lots of Legos....they've decided to put all their sets back together.  

Lake with the Smiths!

Caleb was getting rinsed off on driveway with the waterhose and slipped and fell right on his front permanent tooth.  Not good.  Thankfully it was just the bottom half of it so the dentist was able to rebuild it.  He was a trooper and did great!
The Bellamys came for a quick visit.  Gosh it was SO fun to be with them and catch up.  We stayed up way too late but it was so worth it!!!  Our kids are stair it goes 9,8,7,6,5,4, cute!