Monday, January 29, 2018

Christmas Break, Maverick, Spelling Bee, Basketball and Homecoming!

We've been trying to let Charlie in for "short" visits.  If he has a bone to chew then he's great.  If not, he's awful and can't sit still.  He is still such a puppy even though he is almost 2!
This little girl and Disney princesses......she's in love.

Icy driveway!!!
This is Charlie's new buddy....Griffey.  He lives down the street and comes down to play almost every day. They wear each other out.  It's awesome!

Weston spent many hours during Christmas vacation trying to solve his rubix cube!!  Still not quite there.

And we found a new game that we all LOVE!  It's called Catan and we've played it SO SO many times.  It's great and all the boys can play and enjoy it!
Finally a warm day and we picked up the McCormick boys and headed to the park!  We needed some sunshine!

We raked a TON of leaves.....this is to remember that day.
Charlie finds me in the workout room when I'm working out.  He'll sit there and watch me on the window sill :)
She's loving her bike she got from Santa.  She rides it inside and out :)
We've been going to a toddler jump time on Wednesdays at a gymnastics place in town.  Lucy loves it.  This past week she put on her "leotard"...aka her swimsuit and she thought she was so cool.
It was snowing big time in this picture even though you can't tell!!!  It only lasted about 15 minutes but it was exciting!

This cute boy did awesome in the school spelling bee!!  He made it to the 4th round and did so great! We got a good laugh because the first word he got to spell was "west"....ha!!

This one is doing so good with his reading!!!  It's so fun to see how much he is learning this year!
Junior league basketball has started and the older 2 boys are playing in it again.  They really love it this year and it's finally starting to click a bit more :).

Oh these poor kitties.....
All the barbies got to play in the doll house :)

We went and surprised Melody one Wednesday night.  She gave a talk at her church on health.  It was awesome and I'm so proud of her and all that she has learned.  She is bold and not afraid to talk about it to anyone that will listen.  It was fun to be there and stay the night with them.  Lucy loved their cats.  This is where their crazy cat sleeps!!!
Her "leotard"......
More progress on the treehouse......walls and windows!

Lots of helpers when they get to use a nail gun....

sweet friends!

wearing daddy's new company hats :)
Peaster is definitely small town.  Lucy and I went to the homecoming parade on Tuesday.  It was so small but so fun.  She got more candy than Halloween!  The kids on the floats all talked to her and she had a blast.  Since Peaster doesn't have high school football yet they do homecoming at the varsity basketball game.  

We all went to the game and had a blast!  Our babysitter, Emily, plays on varsity.  The kids love to see her play!