Thursday, October 10, 2019

Easter at Aunt Diane's

We had a great Easter.  We painted eggs this year and got the baskets all ready.  Aunt Diane had us over and we had a great time!  

And then the real fun began.  We came back to our house after lunch to hang out.  I was watching Charlie sniff around at one of our piles of logs out in the yard.  I went over to it and noticed a HUGE copperhead.  So Logan went and got the shotgun and got him.  It was the best time for my boys....what is it about guns and boys!!!  My mom picked up the gun and we just had to get a pic!!!!  HAHAHA!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Caleb Turns 9

This cutie pie turned 9!  Sadly the day of his birthday was a Friday and he wasn't feeling well.  I actually even had to pick him up from school with a fever.  But we just changed the party date and had it a week later!!  His friends came home from school with him and we went to Film Alley and went bowling and played arcade games.  Then Whataburger for dinner...his favorite.  We came home and ate cake and they spent the night.  It was so fun to celebrate him!

Another amazing cake by Aunt Mel!!

He finally got to celebrate with his class a few days later.  He requested homemade cinnamon rolls and so that's what he got.  Everyone loved them!  Nothing like Cross cinnamon rolls instead of a birthday cake!!!