Friday, May 11, 2018

My Seattle Trip!

I've been wanting to go see Brittany in Seattle for awhile now and we finally planned it and just made it work!  It was SO much fun.  Jenifer got to come too which was awesome!!  We flew out last Thursday and stayed till Sunday morning.  
We got a city day...pikes market, shopping, super yummy coffee, clam chowder with the sea gulls, wings over washington ride, gum wall, park, and asian food for dinner!  It was a full day but so much fun!  Then Saturday I got a fun run in before we left for the mountains.  We hiked by a river and saw a beautiful waterfall.  Then we drove and had lunch in a fun park looking at the mountains.  The air was so crisp and the weather was beautiful.  Then we rested and went out for dinner and then to a small town to walk the shops.  It was a perfect weekend with lots of great talks and catching up with 2 of my favorites.  I loved every minute of it.  Things were interesting while I was away....never a dull moment!!!  But they were ALL still alive and somehow made it without mom!

Backyard, Musicals, Zoo Field Trip, Sandbox, and Sports!

Fun in the's amazing how many hours a kiddie pool can entertain kids!!!


Kinder graduation pics!!
All 3 boys in backyard playing baseball together....and not fighting?!?!  That deserved a picture!
Kids musical at church....Not Your Average Joe....they did great!

Zoo field trip for Tyson's kinder class!

Mommy built a sandbox!!!  Lucy (and brothers) love it!!

Tyson made our bed :) cute and not bad!
More gymnastics.....and a new leotard :) 

Wednesday night kids night!

Talent Show for 2nd and 3rd graders.....they played "Who Let the Dogs Out" and were supposed to be doing some rhythm beat thing with paper plates...meanwhile Caleb is in the back dancing....oh my it was hilarious.  He gets his beat from his dad!

The head coach had to be gone for one of Caleb's game so Logan had to pitch.....he did not like it.  MUCH harder than it looks to pitch it to the same place every time!

Weston is now the catcher and he LOVES it.  It has made him just love baseball funny how a different position can change things.  We think maybe it's all the gear he has to put on...ha ha.  He is always wanting to practice and get better.  That's a big change!!

Aubrie was in the Martin musical and performed the Wizard of Oz.  Weston and I had a date to go see her perform.  She did great.  It was a fun night with my boy!

The boys spent their birthday money and each bought a kid kayak.  They've been playing with them in the house....
Lucy likes it too :) 

picnic in the tree house!

We got to keep Miles and Mitchell the other day while they moved.  It was SO fun.  They are the cutest.....Lucy wouldn't leave Miles's side....she was so attentive to him.  It was really sweet!

Flower from Tyson and a note :).  That boy.....he can melt me quick!
Caleb as scientist for his class!  He made a water filter.  Everyone loved it and he did great!