Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Car, Tying our Shoes!, Gymnastics, Charlie Turns 3, Zoo, and Spring Break

Well the most exciting thing to our kids lately is a new car!  Our suburban had been racking up the miles on it and it was about time for a we went for an expedition and so far really like it!

This kid has read the manual and tries to figure EVERYTHING out on my car.....that brain.
And we have another one that can tie his shoes now!!!!
Lucy started a gymnastics class on Tuesday mornings.  Gosh she's so cute in her little leotard (aka swimsuit).  She loves it so far and is doing great!

her and her kitties....

lunch with Caleb!

Happy 3rd birthday to Charlie.....he is maybe calmer??!?!?!  Even though he frustrates me to NO end sometimes our family loves him dearly.
Zoo with Lucy!

During spring break we stayed home this year.  We went to Mineral Wells state park on day with some friends.  It was pretty warm so of course the kids got in the lake and had a blast.  It was COLD water!!

Last bath together....Tyson is going to the other side of the house and showering with the bigger boys now!
mouth guard game.....thanks to the smiths!!  so funny.
More state park fun.....this time to Dinosaur Valley State park.  They brought their bikes, skipped rocks, hiked, had a picnic, and went to Fossil Rim and fed the animals.  It was a fun day with my side of the family. 

More Zoo!!!  This time we met friends!

T and Charlie :)