Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Grams Birthday, Soccer Camp, Lake and Six Flags

The day we got home from Canada was Gram's birthday....so we celebrated the next day at our house.  

Lucy didn't want to let us out of her sight after being gone for so long :).  She came and got in bed with us and fell right asleep :).  Sweetest!!!
More lake!!

Tyson did a soccer camp the week after we got back.  It was the HOTTEST week all summer I think so he was a trooper to do it!  He did great and learned a lot!

We stayed at the lake house over the weekend and Charlie got to come too.  Waking up to the lake is a big bonus!!!  We had morning coffee on the boat and got a ski in before it got choppy.....so fun!!

My happy place with my crew :)

He's mine :).  HA!  got to love that hair.  

Weston's newest experience.....helping with the sound in the sound booth at church.  He loves it and is learning tons.  

The Gray boys came over to swim at the lake the other day and they had the best time finding treasures in the lake.  The water level is down so they can touch around the dock.  They've found all kinds of things.  These chairs are the latest.....they were washing them and trying to clean them!  HA!

The boys earned Six Flags tickets for reading this past school year.  They wouldn't let me forget to take them :).  So we braved a hot day and did it!  Grams came with us and Mel and the girls met us there.  We actually had so much fun.  They loved a lot of the rides and just really enjoyed the park.  I'm realizing how much older they are getting and how we can actually do stuff like that now and it's not a total whip!  I didn't bring Lucy....she was home with a sitter and I'm glad for that.  It was fun to focus on the boys and get to have fun with just them for a day!

Our sweet Lindsey....she's been home this summer from college and able to babysit them a few times.  They adore her.  She is the BEST.