Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Silly Boys & Visit from Parker

We've been around the house a lot lately. Weston has started blow drying his own hair and acting like he is brushing it with the comb. It's hilarious to watch.....sorry for the naked picture.
Caleb is eating anything and everything that I put in front of him. Messy?? I'll let you be the judge of that. He eats green beans, black beans, avocado, banana, and tonight he had pasta fagoli soup and loved it!!
Here is my cutie pie first thing in the morning! Don't you just love that smile??? It sure makes you start the day off right when you get to see that!

Parker and Aunt B came over and spent the day with us last Tuesday. We got to play outside on the swing and in the sandbox for awhile. It was so much fun having them over! I'm loving having our boys together!

Caleb is eating grass....and then decides to go for the rock instead. I guess it felt good on his gums....not sure :)
Caleb is showing Parker how to do it :)
This used to be one of Weston's favorites.....getting in dad's ice chest. He can't fit anymore so now it's Caleb's turn. I'm not sure if he was so sure about it.
Wouldn't you hate to wake up to this big brother in your bed??

Saturday was GORGEOUS! We had to get outside and play. It was the best. Caleb crawled on the driveway and went for rides in the truck with his brother. It was probably one of the scariest rides of his life. I'm guessing he'll have many more of this with his big brother!

This has become one of Caleb's favorite things....stealing a domino from Weston and holding it in his mouth. He just crawls around with it hanging out of his mouth....silly boy.
Book time with Dad

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caleb turns 9 Months!

Caleb is 9 months old today! I can't believe how fast time has gone. 9 months seems really close to 1 year and that makes me sad.....he's my baby!!! He is doing so great! He is crawling everywhere now, pulling up some, starting to cruise, eating lots of baby food and some table food, just started drinking from a straw and sippy cup, and still has NO teeth!! He is so smiley and happy. He loves to be right with you and never wants to miss out on anything. We call him our little flapper because he gets so excited about things and flaps his arms around. He is still fascinated by his brother and loves anything Weston is playing with. We went for his well visit yesterday and he weighed 23lbs and 14oz (90th %) and was 28 3/4" long (75th %). He is wearing 18 month clothes right now....that's my boy :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dinner with the Irons

We had a great weekend. Grant, Brittany, and baby Parker came over Saturday night. It was SO fun to see them and get to see how big Parker is getting! The boys had fun "playing" if you can call it that yet. We of course had to get lots of pictures of them. LOVE our boys!!! I love that they live close!!!!! We have so many more fun times ahead....and Hunter will be joining them soon!!! (Jen & Blair 's little boy)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 years!

What happened??? Well 5 years is what happened.....along with 2 kids.....200+ homeowners.....
We look at our wedding pictures and laugh! We looked so young and different (skinnier). We definitely have seen some change but oh, it's been an awesome 5 years!! We are so so so thankful for our 2 little boys and the life that we are living right now. I have the best husband who is my best friend in all the world right by my side. It doesn't get much better than that!!!
We got to celebrate our anniversary while we were up in Weatherford. My parents kept the boys and we got to go have dinner at Texas de Brazil! It was a definite treat! I could hardly move when we were done eating....it was delicious!!! It was a great way to celebrate our 5 year mark. We have learned so much from things our friends are going through and the difficult times they are facing and I know life could be so different for us right now. So I'm just thankful for today and praying for many more days ahead with the love of my life.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had an awesome Christmas break. We packed up the car (literally to the top) and headed north. We stopped in Weatherford for the night and then got to Kansas on Christmas Eve. We celebrated Christmas with Logan's family. The boys had so much fun being all together and playing.

Mimi got the boys all matching pj's. We tried several times to get all them in a picture.....not easy when they are all under the age of 4!!!
How is this for a picture??
I'm not sure if this is happy or sad.....
Mimi had sugar cookies all baked and ready for the boys to decorate to leave for Santa. Weston just had one small problem.....he kept eating ALL the icing off of it and didn't want to leave it for Santa :)

Kai didn't approve of Weston eating Santa's cookies! I love that boy and his expressions....they are priceless!!!
Mimi had a basket of little presents for the boys to open every day. Kai and Weston opened almost all of them the day we got there :) They just couldn't seem to wait!!! They got fun little cars and of course candy!

Here's 2 little buddies making some music together.....
Do you think Santa came or what???

This was the favorite of Santa's toys.....a rollercoaster. Good thing for me and Mallory is that it STAYED at Mimi and Pawpaw's house :)
Kai's turn....
Weston's turn....
Eli's turn....
And yes, even Caleb's turn....
Santa brought Weston some new Thomas trains to replace the "melted" trains. Santa had wrapped them all up individually so he was really excited opening all of them.
Caleb was much more interested in the wrapping paper and ribbon of course :)

Of course Weston had to have his morning coffee on Christmas with Mimi.....he wouldn't have it any other way....oh, and he drinks it black!!!
On Christmas Day, Judy's side of the family came over. Aunt Janet found a letter that Logan had written Luke long ago......think when he was 9 or so. She read it....pretty funny!!! The best part was that he wrote in cursive and even drew pictures on it.

This is Luke and Jordan's daughter, Kinley. She's the ONLY girl and so cute!!! Do you think she likes her new stuff for her kitchen???

Mamu & Papa with their great-grandkids!!! Does it look like they are having fun???
The day after Christmas, Barry's side of the family came over for some more fun! It was quite a chore trying to get MY kids to sit still for a kid picture.

On Wednesday, we left Kansas (sad) and went to Weatherford to celebrate Christmas with my family. The boys got to play with the girls a lot! We rode the golf carts a lot and got to see the choo choo train and feed the ducks too.

Weston got to open baby Jesus and put him in the manager this year. And actually.....no limbs were broken in the process!!!
My mom made Weston a train blanket. He LOVES it!

Weston also got a Thomas tent that he loves. The girls got twin American dolls that they were so excited about. They both squealed when they opened the box. So cute!!!
The next day we all loaded up and bundled up and headed over to the Fort Worth Zoo and rode the "choo choo" train. It was freezing but of course a hit for the kids....especially Weston. They had a great time. We went to Chickfila afterwards and then got to stop by Ashley's apartment and see where she lives. Her and my Aunt Diane came over that night for pizza and we all played games for New Year's Eve. It was a fun night together.

We were gone a long time from home but we had a blast being with our family. We love living in Boerne but being with our family sure makes us miss them even more. We are so thankful to the Lord for the awesome families we are both blessed to be a part of. We definitely were "spoiled" and given way too much at Christmas. Thank you....Thank you...Thank you for a really fun Christmas! We love you all so much!