Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tyson turns 1 Month

It's hard to believe that it's already been a month since Tyson was born! He turned 1 month this past Thursday. He is doing great....eating great (every 3 hours during day and about 4 to 5 at night), sleeping a lot, and getting used to the noise level in our house :) We went for his 1 month weight check yesterday and he weighed 11 lbs and 5 oz!!! I don't think we did a weight check for the other boys at a month so it's hard to tell how he compares...but that's a lot of weight for 1 month! I think he's going to be right there with his big brothers. His brothers are doing amazing with him and have been so sweet and kind to him so far. Weston is always concerned about him and wants to help him if he is ever crying. The other night we were driving home from Scott and Catherine's house and Tyson was screaming because he was hungry. I looked in the back and Weston had put his hand in the carseat and was rubbing the side of Tyson's face just talking sweetly to him. That was something to see! Caleb always tells us "qyying....Tyshun's qyying" and wants to always help burp him. It's been a much smoother month that I thought it was going to be. God is good!

We've still been home a lot lately and I think that is becoming a new normal for us! We learned the other day about what all plants need to grow and planted some herbs. The boys have been fascinated with watching their little plants everyday and watering them. I am really enjoying my time at home with all 3 of them.....(most days :)
My little chunky monkey (Tyson....not Logan)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weston turns 4!!!

There hasn't been a dull moment around this house lately. Weston's birthday was this past Sunday and he turned 4 years old!!! I can't believe my big boy is already that old. We asked him what he wanted to do for his big day and he said without hesitation Emerald Rainbow. So on Saturday we loaded up and went there for a few hours. Braden and Cole met us there too and we all had a really great time playing. Weston loves that place!!! Mimi and Pawpaw were there too but we couldn't convince them to get in the bounce houses....they watched over Tyson for us :)

Some of these are kinda dark but they were bowling at the mini bowling alley...big fun!
Mimi made Weston's his birthday cake and she definitely wasn't short on helpers....they were right in the middle of it!

During the night I decorated Weston's door so he'd have to bust through it in the morning when he woke up. But he ended up climbing underneath it all day....silly boy. We got up Sunday morning and made his favorite....chocolate chip pancakes!

We went to Dog and Pony for dinner and then came home for yummy chocolate cake. Caleb and Weston went to town on their cake!

Another really cute boy at the party....

Silly dad...

Us with our birthday boy! I love this pictures!
And of course a few presents.....Caleb was helping him out
And probably the best part of his day is what he calls a "jet bath"....he LOVES taking baths in our big bathtub and begs for it almost every night. So he got to take one the night of his birthday and he was really excited about it.
We took him to his well visit this week and he was a healthy 41 lbs and 39 and 3/4" tall. His doctor described him as very healthy and built like a "tonka".....yes, I think I would have to agree :)
To my birthday boy.....I love you so much Weston. I love spending my days being home with you and watching you learn and grow. You are definitely "all boy" and have taught me the meaning of the word "active"!! You don't know a stranger and are fearless with most anything you try. You are silly beyond silly and are being a great big brother. You have a contagious laughter and can melt my heart with your sweet words. I love you to pieces and I couldn't be prouder to be your mom. I pray you continue to grow to know the Lord and allow him to be the leader of your life. You've got 2 younger brothers that are going to follow your every move and I pray that you'll be a light to them and an awesome example. We love you!

Mimi & Pawpaw's Visit

Mimi and Pawpaw didn't get to be here when Tyson arrived but they came a few days later. They got to stay for a week and we had a great time spending time with them. We got some really yummy meals and the boys had a blast playing with them. They got to be here for Weston's birthday which was really special for him.
Thanks for flying all the way down here and helping out so much! We love you both!