Tuesday, September 27, 2011


ONE MORE WEEK till we get to find out!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Last weekend we went camping at Canyon Lake at a place called Jellystone. It is a Yogi Bear campground. The Davis family went with us and we all had a blast!
We actually got to meet Yogi bear! Caleb was more ok with him than Weston.

We went on a "hey hey" ride.....it was big fun for the boys. Caleb was ready to jump overboard by the end of it.
They had a really cool swimming pool. There was a fire hose that had water spraying out of it. Weston never left it. He didn't make too many friends in the pool because all he wanted to do was spray them with water.

Our room had bunkbeds in it so the boys thought they were big stuff to get to sleep and play up on top. The cabins were really nice.....oh yes, it was cabins....no tent camping this time which was a nice change. We had a full kitchen and a bathroom! It was awesome! We cooked our own food and had dinner together :)

Do you think these boys love each other? They are best buddies!

This was definitely Weston's favorite thing all weekend. They had a huge sandbox with a scooper thing in it. He was fascinated with it and tried to figure out how it worked the whole time.

They also got to do some gold mining. They found some really cool diamonds and gold.....I'm sure we are rich now.
Silly dads jumping on the big trampoline/pillow thing.....it was a little sandy.

These are the other buddies....they are too cute. They liked to eat the sand the most.
Caleb liked jumping on it too

Fun time with Dad before bed.

Really fun weekend!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cinnamon Toast, Bathtime, Parker, Cookies and the Park

So I dumbly let Weston put his own sugar on his cinnamon toast....can you even see the bread??? Hardly! Don't worry I didn't let him eat it. He would have been bouncing off the walls! His dad said he takes after his Pawpa.
Weston put a piece of conduit in his car just like Logan carries in the back of his truck. He was driving his car around the yard with it hanging out the back :)
My cutie pie in the bathtub. I couldn't help but take pictures of this!

Aunt B and Parker came and spent the day with us Friday before last for my birthday. It made my day!! We had a really great time talking and letting the boys play. Later, Logan took me out to dinner. It was a fun night with him.

Silly boys.....
HEB.....our favorite place to go and this is our favorite cart :)
My helpers making cookies with me.....

good thing we had 2 beaters to lick!!!
So one of my prayers lately is for them to really start loving each other and showing love to each other. We haven't seen too much of it yet instead I'm normally playing referee with them. Last night we went to the park and it was like 2 different kids! They were playing together and Weston kept telling him he loved him! I've never even heard him say that unless we make him. Needless to say it was a great night and I had to remember it by a few pictures :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This was our BIG surprise when we got home from Oregon. Logan's parents flew down to keep the boys at our house while we were gone. They got the boys this REALLY fun car while we were gone. We didn't know about it until right when we got in the car at the airport Weston immediately started telling me about his new green car. He LOVES it!!! He drives Caleb all over the yard. It's really fun to watch them. He's actually becoming a really good driver. Thank you thank you thank you Mimi and Pawpa for coming and staying with us and getting us a really fun car! We love it and you (weston & caleb).
Dinner out and ice cream with Mimi and Pawpa before they left. Yummy!!!

On Saturday, we went to Parker's 1st birthday party. We were a little early so we went to Landa Park and played at the playgroup and rode the train. These boys LOVE the train!!!
I can't believe he turned a year old!!! He is so stinkin cute and I love him so much. We had a great time celebrating with them.
That night we went to the Kendall county rodeo here in Boerne. Weston got to ride some rides and we made it for a few of the very beginning events at the rodeo. We definitely need a few more years to make it more enjoyable!

Weston learning to hit the baseball.
Our favorite song for Dad to sing in the car.....he loves to blow Momma's hair while he sings it. The boys think it's just hilarious.