Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Salado and VBS

Last weekend I got to have the day "off" and spend it with Jenifer and Brittany!  Jenifer and I drove down and met Brittany in Salado.  It was so so so much fun to be with each other.  I don't think there was a silent moment all day because we had so much to catch up on!  It's so very hard to talk on the phone or even text/email in this season of life so getting to spend the day together was a big treat!  I am so thankful for these two girls and the many years that we have stayed close! 

Me and Jen had to have a Waco stop at Common Grounds on the way home for a milky way :)
Last week was VBS at our church.  Phew!  It was exhausting but a great week.  This year I taught preK which was Caleb's class.  It was a rowdy bunch but a great group of kids.  The theme was "Journey off the Map" so this is how we decorated our room :)
Weston invited Aubrie (yes....he actually typed out the text to her mom asking if she could come!) to VBS and she was able to come for a few days.  They had a blast being together of course :)

The girls stayed with my parents all week so they could come to VBS too.  So we got to spend time with them in the afternoons some.  Caleb and Kayden were playing doctor.....notice his foil cast :)

Charlie went to the dr last week....34.8lbs!!!  He is growing growing growing!

We all went to Splash Kindgom Thursday afternoon.  The girls had a blast and of course mine had a blast being with the girls!!!  It wasn't crowded so they rode the slides over and over again.

Here's my cuties at VBS......

Fun swimming with friends one evening......
This is Lucy's favorite place to be :) 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer has Begun.....Weston's Last Day, Splash Pad, Fishing, Tiger Cubs, Lake, Dad's Birthday, Mud Run and more Swimming!!!

Weston finished up 1st grade.  His class put on a reading restaurant as their end of the year celebration.  They called us in and Weston was our waiter.  He had a menu that we got to choose from which included books and poems that he read for us.  Then he served us a snack.  At the end Mrs. Key gave each student a character trait.  She read the character trait and told about the student before she said who it was.  As she described Weston I knew it was him.  He received "curiosity" which fits him so perfectly!!!  She also had asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up and he said a scientist! 
She sent home his journal from the year and this was my favorite page :)
First day of 1st Grade...and his last day of 1st grade....he has changed a lot!!!
So summer is here and we are SO very glad.  We made quite a list on our big chalkboard of fun things to do this summer.  
these boys and trailers.....I guess Tyson is the hitch :)
Lucy Lou in a swimsuit is one of the cutest things.... 
With all the rain that we've had the splash pad in town is looking like a swimming pool!  Of course mine thought it was the best!  They had mulch in every crevice possible by the time we left!

She has started loving her blankets.....I always wrap it around her.....love her to pieces.
The boys have done some fishing lately!  Grams and Pops had the middle 2 boys for the night so Logan took Weston down to the marina to fish.  He loves it!

And he got one!!

and Charlie is growing by the minute....look at him!!!

Fun in the pool!

Love this picture of my boys :)
Weston had his end of the year Cub Scout banquet.  He got a several patches and is now a Wolf :)

Only in my house is there a dead minnow floating in a bowl of water.  Weston got it down at the lake and thought he'd bring it home.  
Logan's birthday was last Monday so we celebrated with Rosas and taking the boat out for the first time.  It's awesome that there is actually water in the lake!

Weston did some skiing....he did great!
Lucy LOVED the boat.
We came back for some yummy cake and presents.
This girl thinks she can do whatever she sees her brothers doing.....

Went and saw Mamaw with all 4 of them....it was a quick visit but really good to be with her.  We also saw Grandma Martin but I didn't take a picture :(.  

My parents got the kids season passes to our waterpark in town.  I didn't know if i'd be able to take all 4 by myself but I braved it one day and honestly it wasn't too bad.  We've been twice now and it's working out ok.  It has a great kid area and so we just stay around that.  They love it and it's so close to where we live.  

Lots of swimming time lately.......Grams and Pops house.

Last Sunday Logan and I ran in a mud run called the down and dirty.  It was a lot of fun and had a lot of obstacles that we had to get through.  It was about 5 miles and so I actually got him running for several weeks before the race :).  Ha ha.  We were covered in mud when we finished.....Holly, a friend from church, did it with us too.  Lots of great laughs!

After our race we celebrated Logan's and Meloy's birthdays over at my parents.  Very fun night being all together......

Only Logan would spend some of his birthday money on model rockets...ha ha.  He's been wanting to do them with the boys for awhile now.  So him and Weston built it Sunday afternoon and we had a launching that night.  It was definitely some good laughs of trying to catch them (Greg) and trying to find it in the trees (Logan).  

There are just some things that you have to share......and my dad on my kid's bike is one of them!!!!  Glad to say I have a video of this!

We took our neighbors to the lake this past Monday and Caleb actually skied!!!!!  He did great and got up the very first try!!!
And Weston followed him up doing it too!
And this has been so big change around our house.....Caleb got glasses!  He failed the eye test the last 2 years at his well checks so we knew we needed to get it checked out.  Sure enough they decided he needed glasses.  He is excited about them for now....hope that lasts!
Weston (the scientist) wanted to see my wedding ring to look at it under his microscope.
Oh good grief....not sure I have words for this cutie pie.....
You think oh cute dress!  Well what you don't know is that I actually sewed this!!!  Yes me!!!  A dear friend gave me a 1-on-1 the other night up at our church and taught me how to do it.  I have to say it was fun and the best part is that it actually fits her!  I will not be making all of her clothes but it was very fun to make something!

These curls.....
All my cutie pies.....love them!