Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SURPRISE! No, I'm not 30 yet.....almost!

This picture basically explains it...."deer in the headlights".....Saturday night my sweet family and friends planned a surprise 30th birthday party for me. I had NO idea!! My sister and my mom came in town late Friday night but I just thought it was to come visit us for the weekend. Little did I know that they had been planning this party for about a month! There were lots of things going on that I had no clue about on Friday and Saturday. I thought Logan was going to a skeet shoot on Saturday afternoon. He left and we got the kids to nap. Melody and I ran to Dollar Tree for a few things and then came home. We had talked about going to the pool later that night and Logan picking up pizza and bringing it to us when he got done. So after the kids got up we loaded up and headed down to the neighborhood pool. There is normally no one at the pool so the main thing I remember thinking as we drove up was "Great....there are so many people here and it'll be too loud and I won't be able to get Caleb to nap!" I did see Logan's truck (of course....how can you miss it) and wonder why he didn't call me before he got there. I looked down at my phone and I hadn't missed any calls. I got out of the car and saw my sister and mom running in to the clubhouse. Then the wheels started turning and I began to recognize the cars around me and see a crowd of people all gathered together inside. They all yelled surprise and I just stood there in shock. So yes, I was quite surprised!! I couldn't believe they pulled it off and I never had a clue or even suspected anything. I guess the biggest thing was that it was so early....my actual birthday isn't until September 9th.....so being a week and half early really helped the surprise too. So it was great....my sister of course made an awesome cake, we actually did eat pizza, and lots of sweet friends came too. My amazing dad drove all the way down on Saturday morning and then turned around and drove all the way back after the party! Yes, I think he gets the super dad award. It was a really fun night. I guess it makes turning 30 not so terribly bad now :) Thank you SO SO much to my sister and hubby and Catherine and Laura for helping so much. Oh and if you didn't get word about the party....my apologizes....my sister tried to get email addresses through Logan and some friends in Boerne. I know that a few of you didn't get word and I'm really sorry. If it makes any difference my own sister-in-law and mother-in-law didn't even know about it!!!! Yes, Logan was in big trouble!
My boys and my amazing birthday cake!

Caleb and his buddy, Ellison, who is 2 months younger than him.
Deb, Sammie, Wendy and Beckett (another one of Caleb's buddies....3 months younger than him)

Christins and her kids......Ruthie & Sawyer
Laura & the boys.....and Scott & Catherine

Neal family.....both of them acutally....
Grams and her boys....
All the kids...
My little cake monster.....yes, trying to get the last little bit :) No telling how much he ate that night....a lot!

My FAVORITE girls and crazy boy!

Caleb got a nap during the party in the workout room. He had fun watching himself in the mirror.
Swimming time!

Weston was sure excited to see his Pops. He went running straight for him when he saw him. Hopefully that made the 8 hour drive worth it!
We had a great time with Mel and the girls and Grams all weekend. We really just hung out at the house most of the time. We went back to the pool Sunday night and went swimming.
Uncle Logan is under there somewhere!!
Grams had several photo sessions with Caleb....she loves those babies!!
Aunt Mel with Caleb
Logan trying to teach baseball to BamBam
I think the girls were a lot better at it than Weston.

We took these Monday morning before Mom and Melody left. I really think Weston was really sad to see his girls go. He loves them so much. He would initiate hugging them many times. It's good to see that my rough and tough little boy actually has a softer side too :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Pics

We attempted the lake just the 4 of us on Saturday morning. We've never gone without anyone else to help with the boys. It actually went really well. Weston has really learned to stay sitting down while the boat is going. He loves to just be in the boat and watch around him. Logan and I both actually skiied for a little bit and they both did great. Caleb took a nap under the dash as usual. We parked the boat in a cove and just swam for awhile. Weston was having a blast swimming all by himself with his life jacket on.

Here's a video of him swimming and jumping off the boat.

Saturday night we had Matt and Aren over for dinner. Their little girl, Avery, is the cutest. She's about 9 months so we're not sure which boy is going to pick her.....Weston or Caleb. However, we just found out there is going to be another little Neal girl in a few months so I guess then they'll both have a girlfriend.

Look at my boy looking at her........
Sunday morning I put shorts and a button-up on Caleb for church....he looked SO handsome! He's just the cutest ever :)
My goofy boys....

Music Lessons

I've been wanting to teach to play the piano but just hadn't taken the time. So this morning we started with our first lesson. It was interesting. He seems to like it though and I had his attention for maybe 5 minutes....which is GREAT in Weston terms. We'll see how it goes....you could be looking at your next Beethoven!

I got out my guitar too. He didn't know what to think of it when I started pulling it out of it's case. He acted almost scared of it at first. He had a blast playing around with it though. He started dancing when I was strumming on it. But sadly, it's extremely out of tune because I haven't played it in so long.

Here's our little Beethoven....

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love this picture and wanted to put it on here. Every morning after I go in and get Weston up he loves to go in Caleb's room and get him up too. We go in there and he always wants to get up in his crib with him. It's pretty cute seeing those 2 in there together. To think that Weston used to be that small in it! Time flies!!! Look how long Weston's legs are in it now.....big boy!