Thursday, April 26, 2012

Visit from Megan, Cute Boys, and Slip and Slide!

Megan came in town for a night and got to come over and hang out for awhile. She got to meet Tyson for the first time. She's a natural and loved getting to hold him. It was SO fun to get to catch up with her and see her. She stayed for dinner but it all went really quick. We miss her and wish we got to see her more!!!

I love this picture!!  Weston adores Tyson....he's always right there with him and so attentive to him.
This is about the best I can get of our 3 of them....they just can't be still long enough....Caleb that is :)
My little chunky cutie pie!
Love my sleepy boy!!
We got out the slip and slide on Sunday afternoon.  It was really fun for the boys!  Logan took turns throwing them down the slide.....they were loving it!

Caleb has started driving the green car.  Evidently he has really been watching his big brother because he is getting good at it.  It's hard to believe he just turned 2 and he's driving this good!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cookie Monster

This cookie monster looks all cute and innocent....well....earlier today we were making cookies and he was licking the beaters as you see in the picture. He finished and I got him wiped off and he got down off the island. I went upstairs to get Tyson and came back down to a disaster. I actually almost slipped with Tyson as I walked back in the kitchen to see Caleb aka cookie monster back up on the island with the nonstick spray in his hand. He had literally "greased" my entire kitchen. He had been spraying it from up on the island so there was a layer of it all over the floors and countertops. Thanks cookie monster! I've mopped it twice and there is still has a nice glaze over the floor. I guess the store brand non-stick spray really works!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Caleb turns TWO!

My little boy turned TWO last Thursday the 12th. Even though we had just done the birthday party, it was a lot of fun to celebrate just him on his birthday. With him being the middle child I always want to make sure he feels special and that we do things for just him sometimes. Weston and I woke him up with balloons and singing in his bed. He loved it!

Then we all loaded up and headed down to Kiddie Park in San Antonio. I thought this would be perfect for him and a fun way to celebrate him. Since it was during the week the place was empty! It was great and they got to ride all the rides lots of times.

One really funny thing about Caleb is watching how he uses his mouth. He normally had his mouth open or using he's turning his tongue in some way when he's concentrating. He gets a little of it from his mom and his Pops :) Notice in the videos the wide open mouth!

Brother fun!
This was their favorite ride....the ferris wheel.

Tyson and I got to ride the carousel with them too!

Oh and the best part of the whole day for this little boy was that his Dad got to meet us there. I could have never done all that without him with having to take care of Tyson too. We got to play with Dad and even have a picnic with him. It was a lot of fun for both of the boys.
I think this is one of my all time favorite pictures of my boy.....he's dirty and smiling and so's just him!

Mr. Serious....

These are really cute of him too :)

So I'm NOT my sister but I did make a little cake for him to have that night for his birthday. It might not look that great but it did taste really good!

We got him a little fishing game and some cars and he thought they were the best....he definitely knew how to open a present!
We love you Caleb Cross. You are so fun and full of life. You never fail to surprise us and keep us on our toes. You love being outside, digging in the sandbox, riding your fire truck, getting to go "night night", pushing buttons, getting tickled, and playing with your brother (even if he is telling you what to do). You have a very strong personality and we are praying for God to do mighty things with your little life. We love you and are so thankful for you!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a great Easter this year. I have to say it's a lot more special and fun to have family here to share it with. On Good Friday we headed up to our church for their Easter Extravaganza. The kids had fun doing little games, bounce house, pics with the Easter bunny, and getting to do an egg hunt.

It didn't take Caleb long to figure out what to do!
Cute cousins on Easter Sunday!
Love these pictures.....

Somehow we got a picture of all 5 of them together. We let Weston hold Tyson with concrete below him!!! I was really nervous but he did great!
Another Easter egg hunt at our house on Sunday....

cutie pie :)

Kiersi found the prize egg and it looks like Caleb thought he did :)

We had a great Sunday celebrating as a family what Christ did for us on the cross and then His resurrection!