Friday, July 27, 2012

The Latest of the Boys

I've got to be better at recording the crazy things that happen in this family or I'm going to forget them.  There seems to be too many to keep track of lately!  Here's some pics of our days around here lately.....
pimlico park....thought they were just going to throw some rocks in the water....they ended up basically swimming in the water by the time we left :)  We love this park!
Lots of help with Tyson's bottle :)
Tyson loves his baths!
Love these pics
I tried to get all 3 to pose.....then I remembered I have a 2 year old!!!
Swimming at the pool with LOTS of boys!!!! (1 girl!)
Tyson's getting ready to drive the green car.....I'm sure it won't be long!
Sleeping on Mama during church....first time he's ever done that like that.....loved it!
Something got loud in the service and he put his hand up and covered his ear!
We found this one morning.....yes, that's our windowsill in the living room!  It had to be a hammer or something hard to split the wood like that!  CRAZY boys!  The only thing that I can think of is that I had a hammer out the other night hanging up a picture in Tyson's room.  I must have left it out or something.  Who knows.
Other than that there has been a broken sprinkler head from them running over it with the green car, poop accident (Caleb) throughout the house (luckily piles were on the tile), one morning Weston glued a crayon to the back of Caleb's shirt, my favorite wooden decorative bucket is now broken, picture frames have been pulled off the wall, barstools pulled over to reach things that were supposed to be out of reach!!!, garage door vents are busted in, missing garage door opener, my ipod is currently in a different language, everytime I go out to my car the hood is popped, looked out the window the other day and Weston was driving his green car around the yard while holding an old cell phone to his ear, this morning I found Weston in the laundry room with the lid of the washing machine open pushing down where the lid would normally go so it would spin for a second and then he'd let it go.....he was having a blast watching it.....and that's all that comes to mind at the moment :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Vacation at the Lake

Last Tuesday through Saturday we had a little vacation to lake LBJ with all of my family.  We rented a house on the lake and got to do a lot of playing on the boat. The kids loved being together and got to play a lot! 
The first night we were there we celebrated Grams birthday.  Of course my sister made it all cute and coordinated and made a REALLY yummy cake!! 
Pops skiing for his 2 biggest fans.... 
And yes, Pops skis!  58 years old and still waterskiing!!!  I love that about my dad!  I somehow got this picture right before he busted.... 
Grams and her buddy for the week :) 
Pops and his boys! 
We got this tube for $25 before we left and it was BIG fun for all the kids.  They begged to ride it and didn't want to get off.  It was always Weston with Kayden beause they wanted to go fast. 
And Caleb with Kiersi because they both liked it a little slower :) 
My cutie pie! 
And yes, that's me and Mel.  We are cool.  We actually had a blast.....we're probably a little old for it but we had fun and didn't last long on it.  It was impossible to balance with her!! 
We did lots of fishing too.....our cabin was way up in a channel and it was pretty good fishing in front of it.  Kiersi caught the first one!  She was so proud! 
This was one of the best forms of entertainment.  All the kids lined up on the back to laugh and watch Uncle Logan.  I got to drive and threw him off a lot. 
My cutie pie! 
Kayden learned how to ski!!!  We bought some little kid skis in hopes that Weston would learn......he didn't want much to do with it.  He tried it a little but didn't really want to do it.  Kayden got right up and skiied a long ways!  She did awesome!!!! Kiersi did it too....maybe didn't like it very much but she tried and we were proud of her for trying it!
Here's Pops in the water teaching her 
Lots more fishing.... 
Who knows what Caleb is doing.....he got bored of fishing before we even got started :) 
And yes, I caught me a HUGE one!!!!  Can you tell??? 
And yes, Grams skiied too!  Somehow she manages to get in the water, ski, and get back in the boat ALL without getting her hair wet!  Amazing talent!!! 
Mel's monster of a fish.  She was so proud and probably screamed loud enough for the whole lake to hear when she got it on her line. 
This is about as close as Weston got....dragging in the water with Pops....he thought that was fun but wouldn't put his feet in the skis....stinker!
Love this picture.....cute girls!!! 
Caleb had some CRAZY hair after riding in the boat.  Just want to squeeze him!!! 
Just some cute pics of the kids..... 
 I didn't get any pics but the adults had a mean game of croquet one afternoon.  We had a blast and laughed a lot!  It was a fun week with my family. Thanks mom and dad!