Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pictures of the Boys

I realized the other day that I never posted all these pictures of my boys. My mom had these taken in July at her house by Melissa Madey of Moments Photography. She did a great job considering the 2 goobers she had to work with :) It was exhausting to try to get them to do anything you wanted.....but they did have fun playing on the tractor! I sure do love my boys and love seeing their expressions in these pictures.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grams & Pops, A&M/Baylor Game

Don't they look like they just love each other??? I can't quite remember what I was bribing them with at the time. I do see glimpses of it every now and then.....definitely my prayer for them and what I'm hoping to see grow in them.
We left Tuesday morning and headed up to my parents house for a few days. Weston does great in the car.....dvd player! Caleb doesn't seem to really watch the movies and gets bored easily in the car. He is definitely a challenge to entertain while I'm driving. I have a basket of random things that I hand one-by-one back to him to keep him from screaming. His favorite is my sunglasses. He likes to put them around his neck and play with them.
We got there Tuesday and then drove up to my sister's house for the day on Wednesday. The boys had a blast playing with the girls. Since Kiersi is in kindergarten now we got to all go pick her up from school. She didn't know we were coming so it was a big surprise. It was a really fun day with them.
They rode bikes up and down the sidewalk for a long time. I think my sister was just glad to get my boys out of her house :) They are so VERY different than the girls!
My cute Caleb and his favorite 2 things....his fingers and his (really ugly) pink pillow. It was a really old throw pillow that I kept in my car for my back while I was driving. He somehow got it one time in the car and now it's his favorite. He likes to carry it around and sleep with it.
Back and Grams and Pops house, Weston and Pops set themselves up a soccer goal to practice kicking the ball into. They had fun playing on the driveway.

Caleb and his Pops
Caleb and his Grams
Caleb had a little bug while we were there so he didn't feel the greatest the first few days. We tried to do the pumpkin patch in town one morning but the 2 of them weren't quite cooperating.....anyone surprised?? This is about as good as the pictures got!

We went to Cherry park in town and played for awhile. I used to love that park and my how it's changed! They have the best playground equipment now.

We got to go to lunch at Chick-fil-a (of course) and then we went up to Pops office for a ride on the forklift. Weston talks about this all the time. He is so fascinated with machinery. Caleb wasn't so sure about it.

The best part of Weston's whole time there was Thursday afternoon when Pops came home early and then got to ride & drive the big blue tractor. Pops taught him how to drive it and he was in heaven helping him do stuff with it. He got to pull out a chain of the bucket for him and he thought he was big stuff! I might add that he did that all by himself and I'm figuring that was pretty heavy.
Here's a video of our newest tractor driver.....
These 2 are quite a pair.....but I will say Caleb didn't like it one bit when they left him. It was really sad when they took off because Caleb would just lose it and cry for them to come back for him.

We got to feed the ducks one morning....Caleb was making sounds like the ducks.

Grams has "craft" time with the girls when they come to visit so she thought she'd try it with the boys. My how different they are. Caleb had fun with the markers but it didn't last too long once he started drawing on Grams' table. Weston had fun with the scissors and construction paper but I don't think any awesome masterpiece came out of it beside a lot of tiny shreds of paper :) Grams decorated a cute pumpkin though :)
We came home on Saturday morning. We were really ready to see Dad. We missed him. The Baylor/A & M game was going on when we got home. Since we are a split family we each got a boy dressed in the t-shirt. Sorry but I think Caleb got the raw end of the deal :( I think he knew it because he was NOT happy for this picture. And side note, he pooped on his t-shirt later. Maybe that was a reflection of the game :( because we got killed.