Monday, October 19, 2015

Turner Falls!

We've been playing lots of hide and seek in this house and this crazy kid found a new spot!!!!  He has to turn that big head of his sideways to fit!
One last day playing in the pool :)

Lucy and mama's shoes....
Caleb loves drawing....everyday after he finishes his homework he draws us pictures of our family :)

Grams surprised Weston one day at school

The stomach bug went through our house.....and it was NO fun.  

And while the bug was going around I left for the weekend :(....I'll probably never be able to leave again.  Ha ha.  I went down to Round Top and met Catherine for the weekend.  Melody had a group down there and we stayed with them.  It was a blast and so fun to hang out with my bestie :).  Miss her and love her dearly!!
Yes that's a stoplight she's carrying.  She's doing her boys new room in road signs and a traffic light!?!?!  They will love it!
And fun with my sister :)  She's a Round Top queen ;)

I missed my munchkins and came home to a lot of sickness :(.  We had to stay quarantined for awhile so we made the most of it :)

She sure loves her babies :)

We got new cabinets in our garage and they have become the new place to hide out!

Tyson is still doing his gymnastics class on Tuesdays and loves it.  He looks forward to it all week long.  He is doing great in it.

Fun with Pops on the forklift.

Holland lake park with my 2 cuties

do you know how many pictures I find on my phone JUST like this one?!?!?

Last weekend we loaded up and headed north to Turner Falls, Oklahoma.  We rented a small cabin and stayed the weekend.  We had a blast.  It was fun to getaway all together and enjoy the awesome weather!  This is breakfast time the first morning....pancakes!

Lucy loves her some pancakes :)

We went on that first day to the Turner Falls state park.  We took the boys bikes and they rode while we hiked around.  They loved it!  Lucy loved her seat too.

This was the highlight....riding their bikes through the water...and you can guess what happened next :)

Back at the cabin we made a fire and cooked some hotdogs and smores!

There was so much for the kids to do.....trucks, playground, fish, ride bikes, horseshoes, basketball, etc.  It was a perfect fit for our family!!!

This is the "I just ate everyone's chocolate while y'all were cooking your marshmallows" face!!!!  Yes, she's a mess!!!!  And obviously has a sweet tooth!!!

This kid is obsessed with making fires!

coffee with my girl in the mornings by the campfire = one happy mama

Those eyelashes.....

The second day we headed to Arbuckle Wilderness.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  It was a blast with our crew.  Animals were all over our car and basically inside of our car if we stopped!  The boys laughed so hard too.  It was a lot of fun!

This was our first visit from the camels.....

back to the cabin for a picnic!

all boys went for an afternoon fish....although Tyson didn't last long. He got bored really quick.  

This crazy kid caught 7 fish!!!

And mama caught one too!

That afternoon we went to a natural area and played in the river and rode bikes on the trails.  Once again it was so peaceful and fun just to be together and be outdoors.  

These 2 sure have fun driving their trucks together.  

Dinner by the campfire!

s'more time!

Very fun few days with my crew.  I'd go back there in a heartbeat.  Trips away from our house are normally pretty stressful with all of us but this one was great.  There was so much outdoor stuff for them to do and stuff they loved so it gave us some downtime to relax.  It was a great trip!!  The boys had Monday off of school so we got to spend the morning riding bikes at the park seeing the train and  the afternoon playing Monopoly!!  Love my crew and so thankful for the time I get with them!