Monday, February 24, 2014

Lucy's Room

Well I finally got Lucy's room completed or at least I think so.  I'm sure it'll change a lot when we move but for now it's great and I love it.  

And yes I actually sewed these!!!  Don't look close but it was fun to do and to make myself learn my sewing machine.   
huge...yes huge!!!! 
someone is going to have a bit of a hard time I'm afraid.  He loves to go in and sit in this in her room and carry around her pink blanket.  Love him and it's going to be a bit of a shock to his little world.  
Last update on Lucy....went this morning and I was dilated to a 3.  If nothing happens tonight I'll go in at 4am to be induced.  He said I'm very ready (well I should hope so seeing as how yesterday was my second due date PASSED!!!) and shouldn't take long.  Oh, I can't wait to hold this little girl in my arms!!!  SOON!!!  

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting.....

Well this waiting on little girl has been long!!!  But I've had some good times with the boys too.  Here's some pictures of the last few weeks.  You can't tell by the picture but this is the boys favorite part of the day....when Logan drives up and they all run out to his truck and get to ride/drive with him down the street and back.  Big fun!
We got to see Baby Claire again....Jenifer's little girl.   They stopped by the other night and Weston got some practice in.  He did amazing with her and was so sweet.   

Double trouble.... 

movie and popcorn 

wants to be just like Bubba....his backpack from school and wearing his shoes :) 
James got to come over and play and have dinner with us.  Weston and him are great buddies!! 
Happy Valentine's Day....heart shaped pancakes :)  That's about as special as it gets in this house.  They loved them and I love them! 

Weston had pink eye last week and got sent home from school (bad mom for sending him) but it was a gorgeous day and we got to have a fun day all together playing and having a picnic!! 

Fun day at the park....Weston was out of school for president's day. 

Kiersi and Kayden had stayed with Grams and Pops so they came up and played at park too. 

Chelsie and Max came Tyson had a buddy too! 
The house has been very fun to watch lately, walls, almost a's coming along! 
We've decided this is the boys favorite place....digging and digging some more.  Now we just keep the dump trucks in the back of the car in case we are going to the house. 

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

Melody and I did a party for my dad's 60th birthday.  We did it out at Texas Star and they did the food.  We did a golf theme.  It was very fun and went great.  Here's the leader board I made for everyone to know their table number.  

My sister had cups made that we all drank out of. 
And of course she made an awesome cake.  It was very cute but also tasted amazing!!! 
Me and Mel and our sweet aunts 
We did have some entertainment.....well just stories that several told on my dad from his past.  It was pretty fun to hear from so many people.  Greg gave him a mustache to wear just like he used to have.   

Not a great picture but Rick was the MC and did a great job.  He and my dad have shared many many memories together.  We did a slide show for the party of the past 60 years and I realized there were more pictures of my parents with the Hobbs than there were of me and my sister!!!  They are loved and such a special part of my parent's lives.   
Dad gave a little speech at the end.  I think he enjoyed the party and hopefully it meant a lot to him!  We had fun doing it for him! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Lucy Update....

Well today is the second due date they gave me :)  My original one was February 23rd but because of her size in the last sonogram they had moved it to the 13th.  She still isn't here yet.  I went back to dr this morning and he said everything is fine and she's still doing great.  So he will induce the 25th if she hasn't come before then.  I am thankful for that because I REALLY just want her to come on her that will give her plenty of more time to come if she will.  But on the flip side I feel like I had a countdown in my head for today so now it's another week and a half maybe?!?  That makes me tired thinking about it.  But regardless I'll get to meet my baby girl very soon and it will be SO worth the wait!!