Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tyson and Lucy's Birthday Party!

I decided to do Lucy and Tyson's parties together since their birthdays are 4 days apart.  I just didn't like the girl/boy combo themes so I just did them completely separate.  I did one side of the invite for Lucy's and the other for Tyson's.  He wanted trucks and I of course wanted to do something pink and girly for Lucy.  So here's their invites.....

My sister of course did an amazing job on all the cake and cake balls.  My kids birthday parties would be lame if she wasn't around :)

Oh and here's the cute birthday girl.....
and cute birthday boy......

As soon as we sat the cake down in front of her she knew just what to do.....she was eating before anyone even got to start singing! 

After the hotdogs and cake we had some piñata fun!  It was a truck piñata that Tyson had picked out from Hobby Wobby (that's how he says it).  It didn't even last through all the kids getting one turn.....but they didn't care as long as they got candy!  It was full of dum dums because those are Tyson's favorite.

Brittany was in town this past week so her and the boys got to come to the party!  It was really fun to have them there.

We opened gift at the end after most had left.  Logan thought this was hilarious.....all the boys were outside playing OR notice Weston with the birthday sack on his head.  Meanwhile all the Oetgen girls and Bradley girls were all huddled up together opening all Lucy's stuff :).  Gosh the differences....
This might be her most favorite toy of all.....a light up mini play cell phone.  She has carried around everywhere and screams when her brothers take it from her....which sadly is often.

She got a pink cozy coupe from my parents so Pops and Logan got to figure out how to put it together :)

I think she likes it :)
And Tyson got a bike from my parents and has ridden it nonstop :).  
And who is in the hammock???  That would be Logan.  I guess that's what birthday parties do to him!
Mimi and Pawpaw and all the Kriegers came down for the party.  It was SO SO fun having them here.  The boys all have so much fun together.  
Love this pic of Nate.....
It was a chilly day but a very fun day celebrating my favorite youngest 2.  I love them to pieces.  This week is their actual birthdays so I guess the fun has just begun!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tiger Cubs to USS Lexington

Weston and Logan headed down south for a Tiger Cub trip.  They made a stop on the way down in Boerne to the Robersons :).  Weston had a blast with Jake and Grant.  They are SO huge!!!  Grant (on left in pic) is 8...about to be 9 and Jake (on right) is 7...about to be 8....so that means he is exactly one year older than Weston.  It's crazy the difference!!!!
And Logan for sure got in his buddy time with Travis.  They sure enjoy being together.  They stayed the night with them then left the next morning for Corpus.
They had a little time before they boarded the ship so they walked on the beach.  

Logan got a present from a friendly bird :)

They met up with the other Tiger Cubs and got to spend the night on the USS Lexington!  They took all kinds of tours throughout the ship and learned all about it.  Weston had a blast....and of course so did Logan.  

This is how they slept :) and actually they slept pretty good!

They had a great time together and I'm so glad they get to do stuff like this together!

Not sure why these 2 pics are stuck in here.......me and my girl :)
silly tyson