Friday, November 18, 2016

Camping at Mineral Wells!

We went camping with our Sunday school class a few weekends ago to Mineral Wells state park.  We had a blast.  It was a little soggy but great temperature besides that.  We love our group and it's so fun to do stuff together!!
This picture cracks me up....4 guys standing around watching another put up his tent!  Ha!
The kids all had a blast....riding bikes, scooters, etc on the road literally all weekend!

My man's favorite part of camping.....building the perfect fire :)

Lucy had SO many GIRLS to be with all weekend....she ate it up!!

Fishing lasted a little bit....:)  Small dock with short attention spans :)

We did a big meal all together Saturday night.  Some from our class that weren't camping still came for dinner.  We had a great group and it was so fun to be together!

Do you think Tyson was liking the attention.....3 older girls surrounding him :)

tackling :)

Most left Sunday morning so we packed up and then went on a family hike!  They loved it!

Very fun weekend with my family.  I love that we all love to do stuff like that!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Working at New House....

Lots of fun time has already been spent playing in the dirt.  I know there will be many more days of this!  

Weston is quite fascinated with the porta-potty.....

Plumbing and more progress!

Crazy Crew!

Cutting firewood and trying to tackle the HUGE brush pile!

Doesn't look like much but it was a lot of work!  But the brush pile doesn't even look like we put a dent in it :(