Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So I've been hoping and praying this day would come and it's finally come. As soon as we got home on Tuesday the boys have been playing together....yes, actually interacting and playing together. Honestly it's been like a night and day difference. Weston hasn't really wanted too much to do with Caleb so far and now all of a sudden it's like he is his best buddy! It's amazing!!! I feel like I'm finally starting to see the benefits with having them close. Here is some proof.....yes proof is needed! They've been playing trains in Weston's room for forever.....until I come in there! No fighting or hitting either!

I heard them yesterday in Caleb's room and Weston was reading Caleb his books. It was SO cute!!! And of course Caleb is loving it!

This morning they both sat in the recliner and watched "Super Why".....that would have never happened before now.

So if Weston wants Caleb to come somewhere he has learned a new way to get him the's hilarious. He just started this last night and the funny thing is that Caleb lets him and actually loves it.

I hope I have many more posts like this one!

Girls' Party and Weatherford

The boys and I drove up this past weekend for my nieces birthday party. They are both May birthdays so my sister just does them together. Kiersi turned 5 on May 2nd and Kayden turns 4 tomorrow on the 26th. My sister did amazing with the party of course. She did a Hawaiian theme. It was really cute. I didn't take many pictures because I was chasing my boys down the whole time, but here's a few.

On Sunday, we headed back to Grams and Pops house in Weatherford. On Monday, I got to meet Hunter!!! Jenifer brought him over to my mom's house. He is just perfect!! He has so much hair and is as cute as can be. It was such a treat to see her and get to hold him. She is such a good Mommy and doing an amazing job. It was so fun to see her in action.

Of course we had to get all our boys in a picture :)

We had a great time at Grams and Pops house. Pops had to share his ice cream with boys both this time.....not sure how many bites he even got of his own dessert! Something tells me he didn't mind much though.

Silly boy with Mom's glasses on :)

I took Weston's bike with us and he had a blast riding up and down their long driveway on it. Pops rode the golf cart right beside him. Those two are connected!!

Caleb loved Pop's grass.....they've gotten SO much rain and it looks SO good!!!

Grams took such good care of my boys! Those boys love her to pieces.

Weston was in heaven......he got to go down to the "big red barn" (it's not really red but that's what he calls it) and get on the tractor. He knows how to turn it on and operate the bucket. He was so serious showing me how he could do it....."I do it myself"

After the "big red barn", we went and saw the train. My grandparents property backs up to the train tracks. It's really neat to be that close! We got out and walked up on the tracks (no train was coming). Weston thought it was the coolest. We found some spikes (one for Caleb too) and a handle off a train car. I know that'll be a treasure to him one day.

Love these pictures.....(those are the spikes in his hand)

Then.....FINALLY the train came and we got to watch it. He got out and waved at the engineer. It was so fun!

The experience would only be complete for him to have to pee while the train is going by :) That's my boy!

It was a really fun weekend! We were really glad to see Dad yesterday when we got home. We missed him lots!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weston taking Caleb for a Ride

Big fun at our house after lunchtime today! (and sorry for the camera view in the beginning)

Swimming Time

We've been spending a lot of time at our neighborhood pool. Weston has been taking swimming lessons last week and then is finishing up on them this week. I'll post some pictures of them soon. He's doing great! I think we have another little fish too!

Undies at Church

So hopefully the title of this post got your curiousity. Well last Sunday morning we found out during early service that Weston had "missed" the toilet and peed on his shorts and shoes. Well, me being the great mother that I am, didn't have an extra pair of shorts in his bag....only undies. So all the rest of early service and during sunday school our child was in his Mickey Mouse undies and his shirt and bare feet. It didn't seem to bother him one bit (not surprising). I guess the other kids in his class didn't seem to mind either. What a goober! Then after church we normally go to the went ahead with our half-naked child. Oh well :)

Aunt B and Parker

Aunt B and Parker came and spent the day with us on Monday. We got the boys in the $1 pool and they had a great time. The water was a little chilly but it was good for a few pictures :) Are these not the 2 cutest boys in their matching swim shirts!!!!

Caleb and Parker had so much fun playing together. It is kinda good that Caleb isn't walking yet because Parker is crawling now so he just followed Caleb around. It was really cute to see them play together!

Weston got some special Aunt B reading time. He was eating it up! The pictures below were my attempt to get a picture of all 3 of them......clearly it didn't work so well.

Camping at Guadalupe SP

We went camping this past weekend with our church group at Guadalupe State Park. It was a lot of fun. The boys did great....and yes, even slept great. We got to play in the river when we got there on Friday night. It's perfect for the boys.....shallow and rocks everywhere! It was so beautiful down there and it's only like 15 minutes from our house!!!

Allison and Reid came out for the night and played at the river. Weston had so much fun playing with his buddy in the river.

Caleb crawled all over in the shallow part and did his fair share of "rock tasting!" He should be nicknamed the "rock-eater"!

Caleb slept in the pack-n-play and didn't make a peep all night. Weston and I shared the air mattress and he went right to sleep and slept all night. Logan slept on his air mat right next to us.

And how did Mom sleep? Well this picture explains it......raccoons got into our trash ALL night. They must have had such a great time and had a huge feast. Logan scared them off several times only to have them come right back seconds after he got back in the tent. I'm sure they were just watching him from a distance laughing. They were playing with the coke cans, eating chips (yes, I heard them crunching!!!), and destroying paper plates or anything else that made noise. It was a LONG night and the sad thing is that our boys slept was just the raccoons. Note to self.....put all trash in dumpster before going to bed.....not safe even if it's tied up on a pole!

We had a great time with everyone. It was several people in the groups "first" camping experience and I think everyone enjoyed it. Tyler was Caleb's buddy for the night and he did great too!