Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cold Weather and My Little Pumpkin!

Here's my little Dr. Caleb....he is so interested in being a doctor.  He loves dressing up like one and carrying around all his stethoscopes! 
Lucy Lou is already climbing stairs!!! 
My helpers in the kitchen....popcorn time :)

Out first fire of many!  It's been so cold here and we've basically had a fire going almost constant for the last week!  I love it!!!
and so does someone else.....hard to keep her away from it!
Caleb had "donuts with dad (and pops)" last Wednesday.  He was SO excited about having them there with him :)

Dinner in the fireplace....yes, we cooked our hotdogs on the fire.


Dogpile on dad!  how everyone is looking at me is somewhat of a miracle!!!  I love this picture :)

The cold doesn't keep these 2 from digging with their trucks.

The things her brother does to her to keep her out of his stuff....poor Lucy!

I did this with Tyson so I had to repeat with Lucy.  She actually fit in the pumpkin whereas Tyson we had to cut the back out of the pumpkin to get him in it for the picture :).  She liked it for a little while but I think I took too many pictures of her because she wasn't a fan after awhile.

Cold outside means trains inside!
Lucy the superhero!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fort Worth Half Marathon

First some cute pictures of Lucy from the last few days.....

Her first ride in the green car.....not sure I picked the right driver though :)

Logan and the older 2 boys went on a boy scout camp out Saturday night (more pics to come) and me and the younger 2 stayed at mom and dads because I ran in my half marathon yesterday morning.  My mom kept the younger 2 for me and my dad took me to my race!

My race was in Fort Worth....called the Fort Worth marathon.  It was almost entirely on the trinity trails.  It was a smaller race and sort of a boring course but really that was great!

Silly picture but it was an accomplish for me because it's hard to do much of anything for myself these days and I still love running.  I actually got my best time ever (or from what I can remember).  I ran the 1/2 in 1:47.  I guess chasing around 4 kids helped me get faster :)  It was faster than I thought I would do and so now I feel like it's given me the urge to want to do a full marathon.  Although that is just SO much time!!!  We'll see but it was a really fun morning.  I did miss seeing my little boys and big boy on the side lines cheering me on :)  

And thanks to my dad for coming and supporting me.  I think it was his first selfie :)

And after I finished we went and tried to see Ricky.  He was running the full and sure enough we saw him.  I got to run a 1/2 mile or so with him.  He was on mile 22 so he was nearing the end and I think he was VERY glad :)

Dr. Caleb :)

Fun on the slide....

And someone's already learning the stairs!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Time in the Garage

It rained here the past few days so we've been doing a lot of playing in the garage.  Lucy loves to chase the remote controlled cars that Weston speeds around the garage, Tyson now rides Caleb's bike with training wheels and Caleb likes to ride Tyson's old bike that we turned into a strider bike.  Needless to say it's a full garage!  But that has been our nights the last few days.