Monday, November 12, 2012

My 1/2 Marathon

Yesterday I ran in the rock n roll 1/2 marathon in San Antonio.  Rick came down and ran it too.  It was REALLY warm and humid so it made for an interesting day.  Logan, Weston and my dad all came with me and cheered me on. 
This was mile 3....Weston had just given me a high five :)
This is at mile 8....Weston came out and saw me and took a picture with me! 
He was a trooper along with my dad and Logan.  They walked a TON and waited and waited! 
The last 2 miles were pretty brutal.  The heat just zapped me and I was really tired.  I somehow finished running the whole thing and finished at 1:59:15.  My goal was 2 hours so I guess I just barely made it!!!  I've run a 1/2 after every kid now but I think the real award and medal needs to go to Logan for letting me run and helping out with the boys on the morning when I do long runs!!!  It is a gift that he lets me do this and supports me so much.  I really enjoy it and I feel like it helps me be a better mom and wife.  Here's me, Rick and Weston after the race.  
Afterwards we cleaned up and all went to lunch.  It was a lot of fun to be with the Hobbs and my parents.  They mean so much to us and the boys love being with them of course too. 
Oh and another medal goes to my MOM!!!  She kept the 2 younger boys all morning while I ran and took care of them for me.
Yesterday was also Rick's 57th birthday!  Pretty impressive to turn 57 and run a 1/2 marathon!!!  

Marriage Retreat

We had the amazing opportunity to go on a marriage retreat this past weekend.  Our sunday school class awhile back decided that we wanted to try to put one together.  So a couple in our class took it on and organized it.  Logan and I have never done anything like that before and it was amazing.  We went out to this brand new retreat center in Junction, TX.  It was beautiful and just what we both needed to just get away for a little bit.  They brought in a couple from Pine Cove family camp that spoke throughout the weekend.  It was amazing to just get time to talk about the Lord together about what He is doing in our marriage and in our family.  We had several sessions where we heard from the speaker but we also had some couple time that we got to spend talking through things.  You might think that doesn't sound like that big of a deal....but time to talk for us is HUGE!!!!  We never hardly get time to talk and we SO needed it!!!!
In the afternoon we got free time so a huge group of us went kayaking on the Llano river.  Then Logan and I rode 4 wheelers together and then all the aggies (14 of them!!!) watched the A&M vs. Alabama game together.  That was more than a treat for Logan to watch his Aggies win with his buddies!!!
It really was a special weekend for both of us.  I know we both walked away challenged and changed from our time there. 
My hubby decided to "fro" his hair out on was....great :)  I didn't take many pictures all weekend....I just tried to enjoy it and not have my phone!
Here's all the aggies! 
Yes they even all sang their song after their victory. 
Yes, I missed my boys but we definitely needed the time away.  My sweet mom came in on Friday to keep them for us.  It was a LOT and I think she has a different understanding of what my days are like now :)  This was my first time to leave Tyson overnight and her first time keeping all 3 of them!!  The Hobbs came in for the marathon (next post) and so they came and helped her Saturday morning for Weston's soccer game.  He scored a goal!!!  Wahoo!!!  Thanks mom for keeping our boys!!! 

My 3 boys!

Love these pictures.....this is about as good as it gets with all 3 of them in the picture.  They are so fun and make my world so much sweeter!


BB gun, Ashley Visits, Catherine's Shower

I love this shows how much these little boys love their dad.  You can barely tell but they are in their green car and waiting all the way at the corner of our yard on Logan to come.  They LOVE when he comes home and jumping in his truck when he stops at the mailbox. 
Weston's been asking to learn to shoot Logan's BB gun for awhile so last weekend they got it out and he taught him.  They made a target and Weston of course loved it. 
This is just a little scary for his Mama. 
Ashley took a few days off and came and stayed with us last week.  We loved having her here (despite Caleb's face in the picture).  We love when she comes down to see us! 
Thursday night Courtney and I gave Catherine a baby shower for Drew that is coming in a month or so.  It was really fun and hope really special for her.  We did a baby bird/nest theme.   
I made cappuccino punch like we had at our wedding.  It was a hit and SO yummy!!! 
I'm actually finally the one in the picture that is NOT pregnant!!!  Wahoo!!! 
I love my sweet friend and I am so excited about baby boy #3 for her!!!  It's crazy how the Lord has given us both 3 boys!!!  Our playdates will be absolutely crazy!!

Trick or Treating & Illuminate

We had a great Halloween this year.  Our church puts on a thing called Illuminate.  It's basically an outreach in neighborhoods as an alternative to trick or treating.  They are trying to light up the darkness.  So we helped out with one with some other couples in our Sunday school class.  They had different fun things for the kids to do while presenting the gospel in some creative ways.  It went really well.  I only got a few pictures at it though :(  We were in charge of the cake walk.  It was a hit! 
Love it Linda!!
Hallie and Tyson....notice Superman's slicked down hair :)
Then we headed over to another neighborhood and met the Davis family.  Caleb was just about done for the night so he wasn't too happy.  But it was really fun to see Weston and his best buddy trick or treating together. 
Love it!!!  Catherine 8 months pregnant supporting the superman shirt! 
We had superheros everywhere!!!
2 spidermans are best buds :)
This was Tyson's backup costume :)  Actually it was free so I just dressed him in it because it was so cute on him!!!  It's a tree frog.