Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas in Kansas

  After we left Weatherford, we headed north to Kansas for Christmas #2.  We had a really good time with Logan's family.  The boys had a blast with their cousins.  Here's the boys decorating a gingerbread sleigh with Mimi.
Christmas Eve started all the fun....our on going tradition for the girls are new pajamas every year.  This year they were the best.  The pants are SO comfy!  I think I wore them most of the week while we were there :)
Krieger Family.....
Mimi and Pawpaw and their 6 grandsons!
 Our family picture......don't you love how still they are sitting and smiling perfectly at the camera!
  And then the fun began.....
 You would have thought he got a millon dollars by how excited they both were about their Spider-Man and Batman blankets!

 And I'm just happy :)
I'm not sure who told him to go sit there....but it's a really cute picture
Tyson got a push dog....he's excited!
Weston picked Pawpaw and Mimi out a present too.  He got Pawpaw a flashlight and Mimi a candle.  He was so proud of them!
Here's their stocking filled from Santa and a few other things he left for them
Weston has been asking for these Spider-Man web shooters for months....actually since Halloween when he dressed like Spider-Man.  He was SO excited when he saw them on Christmas morning from Santa.
This is what happened the first time he shot it....straight up on the ceiling!
Weston thanking Santa. Hilarious.
Web shooter in action....
Teaching Tyson how to do it :)

Caleb got a crane truck that he was very excited about.  I think his dad likes it more :)
Tyson got some baby food in his stocking and that was definitely his favorite part :)
Then everyone on Judy's side came over for Christmas lunch.  Here's Mamu and Papa and their great-grandchildren.
He's so cute!!!  I love this picture of him.  He had a great first Christmas!
And Tyson learned to say "da da" recently.  I think I could watch this video all day.  Those chubby cheeks and gummy smile with his 2 little teeth just melts me!!!
 Mimi had all kinds of fun stuff to get into in her kitchen.  Tyson and Nate found all the fun stuff.
 And he found something else too one morning while I was getting ready......
 It was SO cold while we were there.  Some days the highs were only in the 20's!!!!  We didn't do too much except play inside.  The boys had fun playing the wii together.  One night we let them watch a movie and eat popcorn.  It's so cute to see all of the boys together because they all look around the same age.  That's because they are!!!
 This is the boys playing wii.  I don't think Eli and Caleb have a clue what they are doing but they sure wanted to act like it in front of the big boys.

 The best picture we could get of all 6 of them.  Nate is NOT happy and wants to know why he has to do this!!!
 Here's each one of them with their buddy.....Tyson and Nate (3 months apart) (Tyson's 10 months and Nate is 13 months)
 Caleb and Eli (9 months apart) (Caleb is 2 1/2 and Eli is 3)
 Weston and Kai (9 months apart) (Weston is almost 5 and Kai is 5 1/2)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in Weatherford

We stopped in Weatherford first for Christmas.  The older kids got to decorate some sugar cookies thanks to Aunt Mel. 
Mom busy in the kitchen :)
This was my contribution.....
And Melody busy in the kitchen too
The boys picked out gifts for all the grandparents.  We for some reason had called my dad whenever we left Wal-mart and the first thing Weston told him was what we just had bought him :)  I let Weston wrap them and they looked perfect!!
Just putting this on here to annoy my sister.
Every year my mom wraps up baby Jesus and one of the grandkids gets to unwrap Him and put Him in the manger.  This year Caleb got to do it.  He knew exactly what to do and where baby Jesus was supposed to be.
Then Grams read the Christmas story to everyone.  Mine were a little restless and were climbing all over her.  Kiersi read some it too.
Then the presents....
Mamaw and Papaw were over too.....Tyson got some loving on.
Family pic