Monday, April 24, 2017

Progress on House, Canada Friends, Compassion Experience, and Kinder Registration!

More progress on the's slowly getting there...

brick and cabinets....

and a driveway!
so we celebrated with dinner on the driveway and then smores!

A few of my favorites got one night away at Nea's family lake was so fun and chat and be away from kids!  It was a quick 24 hours but so fun!
Our sweet Canada friends came in during Spring break to see their family and we got to have them over for an evening.  We had several families from our class come and hear them share.  It's awesome how the Lord is using them to reach the lost in Canada.  We can't wait to go back this summer!

As a church we have partnered with Compassion International.  They have actually connected us with a village in Honduras.  As a church we were able to sponsor kids in that area that we will later hopefully get to even visit one day!  As a part of this missions push we hosted a compassion experience.  This is trailer that is actually set up in the parking lot.  You can walk through it with head phones on and it simulates being in a third world country.  It's amazing to walk through and hear the real life story of a child who's life was transformed by Compassion.  I highly recommend it if it's ever in your area!  All of us walked through it together and it was awesome.

This boy registered for KINDER!!!  I can't really believe we'll have 3 in school next year......but he is SO SO excited!!!
That same boy had his 100th day of preK and dressed like an old man.  Gosh he was cute!!!

Lunch with Weston at school!  Our blurry selfie :)