Thursday, April 20, 2017

Soccer, Septic Tank, Baseball, and Broken Window :(

Tyson is loving fun to finally get to see him on the field!  He loves it and says Saturday is his favorite day of the week.  Pops has promised him $1 for every goal he scores so he is quite excited each week for his payment :).  

These 2 are either like this or screaming at each other :)......but they are super cute together!
We had some MAJOR septic issues awhile back....Pops and my Uncle Frank got the awesome job of digging up the septic tank so they could come pump it (SO gross) and then put in new leach lines.  Oh the fun of living in an almost 60 year old home!

these 2 :)

A few weeks ago I was heading somewhere and forgot something.  I backed up the driveway really quick and wasn't paying attention.  The tree won :(.  The worst part is that it was safety glass (which is prob a good thing) but it kept cracking.  I had to go get Weston and I was stopped right in from of the school picking him up.  An older kid closed the door for him and slammed it.  Well then a huge piece of the window came crashing down.....not so good.  As we drove the rest of the day bits would just fall off.  We finally got in to get it fixed and all was much better!

And lots of baseball these days.....they both love it.  One team is undefeated and the other team hasn't won a game :).  But fun to see both older boys doing something they enjoy!

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