Friday, February 18, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on Sunday night at 7:00pm on ABC. Logan and his company, Tilson Homes, built the house!! If you watch really close maybe just maybe you'll see Logan. The Tilson guys will be wearing cowboy hard hats. They built the house for a wounded soldier from Fort Hood. It's a really neat story. All the details are on the website.... This all took place the beginning on December.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caleb turns 10 Months!

I love this little boy to pieces! Look at all those cute little rolls on his legs (arms too...just can't see them). He is growing and changing so much these days. I can't believe he is already 10 months old! He is crawling all over the place, pulling up, and cruising on anything and everything. He smacks his lips all the time and it's the cutest. He just learned how to drink out of a straw and so now he is loving smoothies just like his brother for breakfast. He eats literally anything I put in front of him. He is looking to be a great eater like his big brother. He finally got his first 2 teeth on the bottom this past month. He still takes 2 really good naps and sleeps 11+ hours at night :) He still adores his big brother and tries to do everything that he is doing. He loves crawling on the driveway and riding in the back of Weston's little black truck. He has started getting into Mama's plant, picture frames, etc. He is babbling a little bit but mainly flaps his arms and has funny sounds. He is so much fun and we are so thankful for our little Caleb!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ruidoso - Weston on Skis

We went to Ruidoso, NM last week for a few days. My parents met us there too. We had such a great time with them. Those boys sure do love their Grams and Pops!

We found Weston some spider man long johns. He loved them! We got to borrow a bib and snow boots from our neighbors and they were perfect for him! He looked so cute in his ski clothes!
They actually had quite a bit of snow and even had some at the cabin. Weston's favorite thing to do was to eat the snow :)

We got to "sled" out and tried it in the living room first. It was a hit!

Then we all loaded up and went to the park and tried it on the snow. Caleb actually liked it too!
Weston sure didn't want to share it with Caleb. He is pushing him out as hard as he can :(

Dad and Logan became the power behind the sled. There wasn't a steep enough hill in the park so they took turns pulling it. Needless to say, they were both extremely out of breath and tired when they finished. But Weston was in the sled saying "Do it again!" over and over.

Caleb got to try them on cute!!! Maybe next year :)
Dad had a birthday last week so we celebrated with him one night. Don't you just love my cakes comapred to my sister's masterpieces???? Yes, I know I'm not very's just a big chocolate chip cookie. I'll leave the cake making to her!

We went and rented skis on Thursday night. Weston was so excited to have his own. They were the smallest skis I've ever seen!

Logan and I went early and skiied Friday morning. Then Dad brought Weston up around lunch. We met them on the bunny slope. We got his skis on and he "skiied" between Logan's legs. It was pretty cute to see....but he definitely needs another year or so to understand more of what to do. He was trying to jump up and down on the skis. Here's some pictures and videos of him in action.

Very first time.....
Excuse the out of control lady in pink.....don't forget we were on the bunny slope :)
Pops gets the award for that day......driving Weston up the mountain, dressing him in ALL those layers, carrying him up the bunny slope after he skiied down several times, and riding on the gondola with him. Dad said that on the way down in the gondola Weston said "thank you Pops".....hopefully that made it all worth it!
You can ride roundtrip on the gondola. So we all 4 rode up and then Logan and I skiied the trail underneath while the gondola while Weston and Dad watched us. Weston loved it!

They left after lunch and went back to the cabin. So Logan and I wore ourselves out the rest of the day skiing as hard as we could. We don't make any stops except to get on the lift. It's SO fun that we both love to ski. We had a blast together.....but I was pooped when we finished. Thanks mom and dad for keeping our boys and letting us have the day to ski!

It warmed up quite a bit and so Weston got out and did some more sledding at the house across the street. They had a pretty good incline and he had a blast.

We went shopping on Saturday and had to go to the train store. Weston loved it! Pops had been looking forward to taking him there.
Do you notice anything about the one on Logan's shoulders? I think everyone behind (no pun intended) was getting a show :)

This was the saddest part of Weston's trip.....saying goodbye to the "blue bag". It's this little blue bag that my dad puts on their gate at their house. It has become famous with his grandkids and they look forward to it everytime they go visit. They get to go ride the golf cart with Pops and get the blue bag off the gate. Who knew such a small thing would be such great entertainment???

We were sad to leave.....we had a great time! Thanks mom and dad!!
P.S. Why are there no car pictures??? Let's just say 9+ hours in the car with an almost 3 year old and 10 month old is NOT very fun. We'll just leave it at that :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

South Texas Sledding!

Well we finally got a "snow" day if you want to call it that. Logan got to stay home for a few hours this morning. As soon as Caleb went down for his morning nap, we all bundled up and headed out to play in it. First we just slid around on the driveway. Then, Logan got the great idea to take our big beach ball that is deflated, tie a rope on it, and pull Weston and me on it. It was really fun. I guess he got tired of pulling us pretty quick because then he got out the lawn mower!!

He hooked the rope up to the back of it and pulled me and then Weston. It was a blast! I can't imagine what we must have looked like to our neighbors :) Weston was loving it!

I took a video but it wouldn't load on here for some reason. It's on facebook if you want to see it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Haircut, Train Boy, Saturday Mornings and Park

So we are missing 2 of the guards for our trimmers that we use to cut Weston's hair. We have the #4 and the #1 but are missing the two in between. So it's hard to get it to fade very evenly with the #1. Logan said he'd do it this time and it was TERRIBLE. And yes, I do mean terrible. I took a picture....sorry for the cute little naked bottom in the picture.....but it doesn't do it justice. I couldn't stop laughing. So I took him back to the bathtub and shaved it all off with the #1. So it's REALLY short!!! But he's oh, so cute with his new hair cut. He loves it too.
The other night he just started putting all of his trains in his pj's. Logan took this video of him doing it. He is CRAZY about trains!!!

This is Weston's favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings.....make coffee with dad. He even puts creamer in it (just like dad) and stirs it with a spoon. It's hilarious to watch. Thanks Mimi....I've got a coffee drinker at age 2!

We had to take advantage on Monday of our last decently warm day all week, so we headed to the park close by. They got a new playset not long ago and it's great! The boys had a blast on it and Weston's buddy, Reid, came and played too!

Can he get any cuter??? Where are his eyes???? They just disappear everytime he smiles. Love it!