Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break 2016!

We started spring break off with Weston's birthday.  The next morning they were down in the creek right after breakfast.  They even brought Charlie along.  He loved every minute of his freedom :)

I made Lucy wait in the fence.....she looks pretty mad!

We got invited to go to the Mavericks game that day with one of Logan's vendors.  It was a lot of fun!  

Bikes and hotdogs that night.....it was a great Saturday!

We tried to get Tyson to ride his bike without training wheels but I don't think he's quite ready.  He wasn't too sure about it!

Sunday we had church and then small group that night and came home to the KRIEGERS!!!!  They all came for a few nights.  It was SO much fun to have them there!  So we had 12 people under the roof for a few days :)  These two are double trouble.....look at those smiles!

Oh and these two were pretty cute together.  Lucy is a stinker and not very sweet to Norah but she's learning!!  Norah is a cutie pie....sassy with her shades on!

Of course down to the creek all the boys went....first just hiking....then feet in the water....then at the end they were basically swimming!!

About the same progression with Lucy.....first just throwing rocks, then feet in a little bit, then no one helping her she's walking around wherever she wants!  She is a bit independent already!

goodness.....that face tells it all.

This is a sight.....toy gun and her dress and bloomers all muddy.  

Norah found a new friend.....

look at ALL those kids!!!

these two....spiderman and a ninja
After the got dried off from the creek they went to the lake to fish and swim.....yes SWIM!!!  crazy boys all jumped off the dock and swam in MARCH!  although it was 85 degrees that day!
Look at poor Eli....he's lips were turning blue!

VERY sad when they had to leave....they went on to Abilene to see Jason's family.  We love them and wished SO bad they lived closer!!!

I felt pretty crummy on Tuesday but Wednesday we went to a fun park in Aledo and played and had a picnic.  The kids did great together and loved being outside. 

Caleb got his turn at Grams and Pops and spent the night that night with them.  He talked them into some ice cream :).  Do you think he is enjoying it?!?!

Thursday morning we took Charlie and went to some trails in town and hiked.  Caleb was still with Pops so it was just me and the other 3.  It was a bit cold when we started so there was much whining....but after a few minutes they were having a blast!

Lucy says don't tell me I can't climb that hill....oh she is so determined.  She didn't want Mama's help....and she did it all herself. 

that smile....

Charlie was having a blast if you can't tell....

The problem was getting him home.....we were in the suburban and normally he is crawling all over the seats and the boys.  I actually tied him to the back hatch in the back of the car.  I thought he was fine and there was nothing for him to chew.....silly me!!!  He actually started chewing our floor mat that is back there AND the carpet!!!  ugh!  I was a bit mad at him.

Friday we did a science experiment that Weston got for his birthday.

And we also visited a nursing home in town with our Sunday school class.  The kids colored with the residents, shared a snack, read a story and hunted Easter eggs for them.  It was a great turnout and the kids had a blast!

Weston teaching Caleb about each of his lures in his tackle box.....ha ha...love this!

We went down and fed the ducks at the marina.  Tyson is still traumatized by these ducks so he never gets out of the car.  

Picnic on the back porch!

Notice the chair in the back ground.....that dog!!

sandbox ALL together....yes it lasted for awhile.....

and then turned into a water gun fight against Charlie!

Then we dried off and watched The Good Dinosaur.  It was a really cute movie....popcorn makes movie time SO much better!

He likes to go hold his gun whenever he gets a chance.....ONLY with his dad right beside him of course!

And we ended the weekend with more fishing.....

and rock breaking :)

Oh I love having them all home.  I was very sad to see the older 2 leave yesterday morning for school.  But it was a great week and summer will be here soon!!