Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lake Tahoe, 100th Day of School, Dad's Birthday, No more Boot!, etc

THIS is one of this little girl's favorite thing to do right now :(  UGH!  She is always quite proud of herself!
The boys are back to spending their afternoons down in the creek behind our house.  They always come back with "treasures" :).
Charlie took a little trip to dog school for a few weeks so we've been enjoying the windows up and leaving toys, shoes, etc out on the back porch!  We played drive thru the other afternoon.  They had to ride up to the window, place their order, and then I gave them a snack.  They thought it was pretty cool!

Caleb brings home pictures he's drawn almost everyday from school.  I couldn't get this to turn right....but it's pretty cute :).  "I like it when it's just me and mom and dad".  Well buddy me too sometimes...yet that hard because you have 3 other siblings! :) 

Our trip was planned rather quickly but we've been wanting to go skiing just the 2 of us and we had just celebrated 10 years so we decided to leave the kids and do it!  We went to Lake Tahoe and it was a blast.  We decided to fly because it's so much faster and well when you leave 4 kids you must do everything timely and get back as quick as you can :).  So we flew out Friday mid morning.  We first flew to Denver then supposed to fly from there to Reno.  Well there was a big storm that came through so the flight was cancelled.  The only other option to get there that night was to fly to Sacramento.  BUT the catch was that the plane first went to Seattle.  What?!?!! Yes it was a very long day and flight but we finally got to Sacramento where we rented a car and drove the 2 hour drive to Lake Tahoe.  We were beat.  It was 4 o'clock Texas time by the time we got to bed!  
The next morning we woke up to find out that there had been an electrical outage that affected the Gondola at Heavenly where we had planned on skiing.  So we kept our rental car and drove (again) to North Star which was about an hour away.  It was packed but we had a great time.  It was great snow and a fun day.  Nice hair Logan :)

 All the restaurants were really close to our resort...actually just out the door and around the corner.  Very yummy food and everything was so pretty with all the snow!

This was a bit nerve racking....double blacks.  You couldn't really see over the edge until you were skiing it...but honestly they weren't too bad.  They were a bit icy so we headed to the trees and skied the powder :).

The 2nd day we stayed at Heavenly and it snowed on us all day.  It was beautiful although REALLY cold.  We had fun until about mid afternoon when Logan fell and hurt his knee.  Big bummer but I didn't realize it was bad until he couldn't hardly walk when we got done skiing :(.  This is the actual run!!  Pinnacles...he might hate this run forever but it was a really fun run!  I think this picture was right before it happened :(

The 3rd day was absolutely gorgeous!  The skies were blue after the morning clouds went away.  We got to see awesome views of the lake and mountains.  Logan took it really easy so we skied separate for awhile but it was still fun!

Sorry but this sign was was outside our hotel on the way to the pool and hot tub....

Look at ALL that snow!!!  It was crazy up to my waist at times!

This is our ride down after we were done.  It was SO pretty!!

BEST pizza I think i've ever eaten!!!!  YUMMO!
And THAT is how Logan left Lake Tahoe....HA HA!  Who knew we'd be buying a knee brace and crutches on our trip!!!  Maybe he should remember he's not 20yrs old anymore :).  

He went to the dr when we got home and it was a 2nd degree tear of his MCL.  He did it in college skiing too...same knee.  It should heal on its own in about 3 weeks.  
It was a great trip but we were super excited to see our kiddos!!!  Aunt Mel had the younger 2 and Mom and Dad took the older 2.  Everyone survived and seemed to do great!
The 100th day of school was the day after we got back.  So we painted Caleb's hair, put a robe on him and borrowed Mamaw's cane :).  He was pretty cute!

We went to see our "old" man at lunch!
And Lucy and I went up to see Weston for his lunch the next day.  She's eating a sucker by the way :)

Do you think these two love each other??!?!

On Thursday Lucy got to go back to the doctor and get her boot off!  All her X-rays were perfect!  YAY!  So she celebrated with a sucker....
That same afternoon Logan went to the same doctor and found out about his knee.  He is such a weirdo that he wanted to take the same picture as Lucy.....with his sucker too.
We celebrated Pop's 62nd birthday over the weekend.  We went and saw him at work on his birthday.....rides on the forklift of course!