Thursday, December 20, 2012

Logan's Sinus Surgery

Logan went in for an outpatient surgery last Thursday.  He had been thinking about getting checked for this for awhile and kept putting it off.  So finally he made an appointment at the Sinus Center and they said if he got this surgery it would help him feel so much better.  So they went in and fixed his deviated septum and did a balloon type thing up in his sinuses to enlarge them.  It was about a 2 hour surgery.  Here he is before it.  He had NEVER even had an i.v. before.  So of course it was his first time to have surgery or be in a hospital bed.  We had a lot of good laughs before he went back.
Here's the humor of my husband....he wanted to do this to one of the nurses.  We were sending this to our family before he went back for surgery.
This is after the surgery.  Afterwards his doctor came out to see me and said his nose was a mess.  They even had to break some bones to get it all straight up in there.  Not fun.  They insert tubes (large ones) up in his nostrils....he just now got those out this morning.  He has had to sleep upright for 2 weeks and can't lift anything over 10lbs!  That would be way less than any of our kids.  He is feeling much better though and really glad he had it all done.
This is the night of the surgery....I just wanted to remember his bandage.  The boys kept asking why dad had a bandaid on his nose :) 

Cole's Party and Gingerbread Houses

A lot of my friends grew up making gingerbread houses....I did not.  We had Cole's 2nd birthday party last weekend and that's what Catherine did for it.  We all decorated gingerbread houses.  It was a lot of fun!  My mom was in town for Logan's surgery (another post) and so she helped Caleb (or really did the whole thing) and Weston and I decorated one together.  It was fun!!

Funtastic Playland

Catherine and I had bought a groupon a long time ago to this play place in San Antonio.  It had expired but you can still use the money you spent on it.  So we finally went the other day and took the boys.  They had a blast.  It really was one of the best indoor places we've ever played at. 

Last Few Weeks

I realized I haven't blogged in awhile!  Here's some pics of the boys from the past few weeks.  They are super fun! 

They beg for a "jet bath" every night.  So the other night we let them get in and have at it.  They had a blast.  It makes a huge mess but it's worth it every once in awhile. 
Tyson is loving the green car with Bubba lately.  He gives him rides around the yard on the "slow" speed. 

Yes, this is our life.  Weston has his fishing pole and is practicing casting from the top of Logan's truck and Caleb is climbing all over it.  He was sliding down the windshield at one point.   

Long hair....that face just melts me! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time with Aunt Mel and Martin Family Reunion

Since we had a family reunion the weekend after Thanksgiving me and the boys decided to stay for the week.  Logan came back and worked but we stayed at my parents for a few days and then spent a few days at my sister's house.  Here's some pictures from our time there....
Then on Saturday we had our Martin (my dad's side) family reunion.  We had it up at my parents church.  We had it in the gym and they had a bounce house for all the kids and that was awesome to entertain them!  Tyson got to try it out too.
This is just ONE side of my family!!!  It was a lot of fun to see everyone!
I had to include this picture.....we were in Weatherford and saw a train coming.  Since I grew up there I know the shortcuts and roads that I could take to get around it but now I would never think of doing that.  It makes me smile now how my perspective has changed having my boys.  I actually WANT the train to come and would NEVER avoid it.  It made their day for us to be the first car waiting so we got to see it up close as it went by.  I love that they make me slow down and enjoy life a more :) 
I love my boys! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fun with Family in Weatherford

Here's some pictures from our time in Weatherford... 
Tyson loved Molly :) 
Fun in Pops' leaves! 
We got to go see Pops at work and the boys got a ride on the forklift.  Big fun!!