Friday, December 19, 2008

the Christmas card

I waited to put these pictures up until most people had already gotten their Christmas cards. If you didn't get a card....I'm sorry we just tried not to go broke on cards this year and just send out a few. Yes, this was my idea. I thought of it and asked Logan if he'd do it. He was excited and thought it'd be fun. So one night right when he got home we dressed ourselves in sheets and pillowcases and headed out to the backyard. Logan made that manger in about 5 minutes. I got that beard in the craft section at Walmart. I called our neighbor, Lynn, to come over and take the picture. I'm sure she thought we had lost our minds. I have to admit I did feel pretty funny dressed up like Mary standing in my backyard. I almost peed in my pants while we were taking the pictures I was laughing so hard at Logan. He was trying to hold his staff, keep his beard on, and keep his sheets covering his shorts. It was really funny. Weston is the chubbiest baby Jesus I've ever seen. Anyways...just thought I'd share our pictures. We got lots of phone calls and laughs on this one.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Girls Night....first night away....Brittany's new house...and Weston's visit to Santa!!

I spent the first night away from Weston this past weekend. Logan was hunting for the weekend with guys from work so Weston and I headed up to Weatherford. Jenifer, Brittany, and I had a little girl's weekend in Fort Worth. We are all finally back in the same state so we celebrated with a night together. It was SO fun. We stayed in a hotel in downtown Fort Worth and went out to eat and actually got free tickets through Jenifer's work to the Bass Hall to the Nutcracker. It was SO fun to be with them and to get to talk and catch up. I love those girls so much.....they mean the world to me. And I actually survived a night without my little boy. Grams took great care of him. But I will say I sure was ready to get back the next morning and squeeze him.

Grant and Brittany closed on their new house on Monday in New Braunfels. We got to be their first dinner guests on Tuesday night. The house is so great and we are so excited for them. Weston got to play with Bailey and wasn't scared a bit. He kept crawling right up to her and trying to grab her. Logan helped Grant install the washer and dryer. We all had a picnic on the floor since they don't have any furniture yet. It was great. It takes about 50 minutes from our house to get there....wish it was closer...but it's better than all the way in North Carolina!!!

We took Weston to see Santa this afternoon at Bass Pro Shop. He loved him and smiled really big for the picture.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

9 months!

Weston turned 9 months old today! I can't believe he is that old already. We went to his regular check-up today and everything was great. Drum roll please....he weighed 24 lbs and 10 oz and was 27 3/4" long. He is back off the charts only makes me smile. Our pediatrician says he is doing great and he couldn't be happier with how he is growing and developing. I will say he is on the move these days. He is always up to something. Yes, he still has those chunky little thighs but he is crawling, pulling up, and cruising around constantly. I'm having to learn how to always have one eye on him these days. He is still quite the giggle box and will flirt and put on a show for just about anyone these days. It's hard to take him anywhere without him causing some kind of scene. I have to admit that I love every minute of it and I think he is the bestest thing in this whole world. Who knew you could love a little boy this much!!! He has made our life so fun and full of joy....and it just keeps getting better and better!

Logan's parents came down last weekend. It was great to have them again. Here are a few pics of their visit.

Weston wrote his letter to Santa the other day. He was mostly interested in eating the crayon while we were writing the letter. I sure hope Santa brings him what he is asking for :)

Would you believe we actually got snow at our house!!! We woke up Wednesday morning to a blanket of snow all over the yard and roof. Weston got his first snow! We sure thought he wouldn't see snow until we went to Kansas...never thought he'd get it here!!
For playgroup this past Wednesday we went to a indoor playground place in San Antonio called Dynamoze. It had lots of fun mats and stuff to crawl on and around. Weston had a blast with all his buddies. Here are some pics of that day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is it Christmas yet??

We got all the Christmas decorations put up last week. Weston helped too! It's definitely going to be different with a crawler around the house with our tree this year. I didn't put any ornaments on the bottom so hopefully he won't pull on them. He loves the lights and of course the extension cord though. I got him those reindeer ears at Target the other day. I put them on him in the store and he rode around the entire store like with them on.....silly boy! Yes, those are the stocking I bought.....yes, there are 6....I wanted them all to match and we are still wanting 4 kids!!! No I don't think we are crazy we just want a big family!!!

That is Weston helping dad with the dishes. He pulled himself up on the dishwasher and thought he was big stuff!
This is how I find him now after most naps....standing in his crib giggling.
This just cracked me up....found him sound asleep like this.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Weatherford

Thanksgiving was great. We went to Weatherford and spent it with my family. Weston helped me pack his bags and he was all ready to go. We left Wednesday afternoon and stayed till Sunday. His Mimi got him a Thanksgiving bib to wear. He loved it...and I loved it because he couldn't pull it off! He got to eat pieces of all kinds of stuff on Thursday.....turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, and pieces of a roll. Of course there wasn't anything he didn't like :) He got to play with Kiersi and Kayden all week. Kiersi loves him to death and loves to act like his mom, but Kayden isn't too sure about him. She seems to get jealous of him a lot and probably doesn't like that she has to share with him. We took his blue car and they all got to ride around the house in it. It caused a bit of problem because no one wanted to share!! They all took a bath together the last night we were there. I'm sure he'll kill us one day for those pictures. He had some trouble sleeping at Grams house but we are trying to recover since we've been home. It's funny but a kid sure does better when they are at their own home in their own bed. We took some family pics while we were there too. We had a great week with the family!