Friday, August 4, 2017

More Summer, Horses, Mineral Wells, Friends, Lake, Time with Mom, and Camp Hope!

We had fun one day re-enacting this with Caleb....ha!!  But that first pic....gosh he is SO small!!! How did that happen?!?!

House is still in progress here....but we could park in the garage and that was a big day.

Lucy is so in to her baby dolls lately....she lines them all up and then puts them to bed :)

My cousin started keeping his 3 horses out at Mamaw's house.  It was big time entertainment for our crew.  Lucy calls them "fourseys".  As soon as Caleb saw them out in the pasture he ran inside for his boots and hat.  Love him.  

My little cowboy.
and cowdog....

more swimming!!

Weston did an engineering class again this summer.  He loved it and actually stayed for 2 sessions of it because he loves the stuff so much.  His little brain amazes me.  The teacher loved him....probably because he was so interested in everything she said!!!
We did another Science project one day and made a popsicle was SO strong!
I think we got up to 9 bricks!
swim team suits came in.....they love them.
here's the swim team!
I decided to take the kids (and Charlie) one day to Mineral Wells state park.  It was the perfect temperature and they did great!  We first hiked and climbed in the rocks...

Then Charlie got to go for a swim!

Grams came along too!  It was fun to have her with us.
Then Grams had to go and we had a picnic.

We decided to do a selfie......first us and then tried with Charlie....oh my...just enjoy the pics.

THEN I guess I got really brave and we decided to rent a canoe.  ALL of us got in one canoe and paddled around.  It was fun and they did great. 

Went on an island for awhile....getting wet and swimming helped everyone have a lot more fun :)

Jordy and Jacob had their birthday party so we went and helped them celebrate!  These 2 just make me smile....a friend caught this picture.  
And these two....they are SO cute together!!

Lucy and her buddy (Brownie)....

quiet time in her room.....
Family lake time!!!!

with an ear flapping dog on the boat too....

more horsey time....they do NOT like carrots :(.  

We got mom a night at this place called Board and Brush for mother's day.  You get to make your own sign!  We had a blast doing it together.  

We started a Camp Hope at the same gazebo where we were doing the Wild Blue ministry.  It's through an organization here in town and quite amazing.  We were able to teach the kids cooking, crafts, music, recreation and then share a Bible story.  As the kids leave they are provided with sacks full of groceries.  It's a really amazing ministry to the kids in our county.  It was great to get it going in Peaster!

Swimming with our buddies!!

I've been talking about it for awhile and finally took the plunge and got braces!!  The first few weeks were kinda awful but it's gotten a lot better.  Do you like my crooked glasses??!?!
cutie pies...

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