Friday, August 4, 2017

Move in, July 4th, Vet, and Snowcones!

Well I didn't get hardly any pictures of moving day except of our actual house.  It's all kind of a blur....but it got done (for the most part) and we moved in!  There were many workers here working furiously to finish as stuff was being moved in.  But it happened and we are in!  Here's a few pictures before everything got moved in....

This was a bit later after the grass had gotten planted....

This happened a few nights later....without grass yet there was lots of mud.  Lucy and Tyson went and turned on the hose bib full blast and Charlie was having a great time trying to drink it and play in it.  Then there was lots of mud.  He started rolling in it and then proceeded to rub all over the sides of the house.....our WHITE house.  Oh goodness.  So I just had to take a picture to remember it.....he was covered.

A few days later was July 4th!  As soon as we got up Lucy threw up....not good.  So we canceled other plans and just stayed to ourselves with my side of the family for the day.  She was pretty sick all day.  But she rested and we still got to play and enjoy the lake.

This is right before she threw up again......yuck!!!
Fireworks on our driveway.....benefits of country living!

This was a day to remember....all 4 kids, one dog, one cat and a very long veterniarian appointment.  We had to wait forever and it was basically like a zoo in our small patient room.  But somehow we survived!!!

Brittany and her boys were in town.....we got to meet them at Funky Monkey!  Yum!

Our last night of Camp was a great thing this summer.  

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